Announcing X-Ray Set

Service outages are getting costlier, and more frequent every day. In 2022, the average outage cost organizations over $100,000.
The leading cause of these outages was linked to misconfiguration . This growing challenge facing organizations across the spectrum comprised 18% of all reported outages. When looking at just network-related outages, that jumps to 45%!

Unfortunately, addressing these issues requires significant manpower and work onsite, especially when dealing with multiple assets across hundreds, thousands, or even larger site networks. The variety in both the type and location of assets makes effectively addressing issues incredibly costly and time-consuming.
As part of our ongoing dedication to customer success we have released an overarching solution to remote configuration.

Introducing Galooli’s X-ray Set.

Clear up your misconfigurations with Galooli’s X-ray Set

X-ray is our latest premium feature focused on providing visibility and access to configurations across your network of sites and assets. Instead of dealing with sites asset by asset it can fetch and read the parameters of every unit at once and determine which are valid and which require attention.

X-Ray Accuracy

X-ray Accuracy provides an exact look at each issue; where the asset is located, when the configuration was updated, and what you need to do to resolve it. This system matches all the customer-defined settings for each relevant asset and performs checks in one batch instead of individually.

X-Ray Management

Once all configuration issues are identified it’s time for the newly developed X-ray Management. We’ve taken remote management one step further and solved a key issue many organizations face when keeping assets, especially firmware up to date. Without remote control capabilities assets require manual updates that require costly onsite visits requiring expertise in a very broad range of equipment.

X-ray Set can not only deal with site settings from afar, it also links configuration issues to detected issues on site, like assets performing outside of their established norms. It then automatically fixes the detected configuration errors remotely, without the need for onsite interference.

However, even if you can detect and resolve configuration issues, malfunctioning assets still need to be turned on or off, which requires being onsite. Our Cut-Through tool completes our Xray Set, providing remote control capabilities to ensure assets can always be under your control no matter where you are.

Take charge of your sites’ resiliency

Outages are a costly pain point for every organization, and misconfigurations are the leading cause. Galooli is determined to drive innovation and provide our customers with effective solutions to remedy these issues. Our Xray Set is that solution, mitigating configuration issues, automating the process, and doing so without a technician setting foot on site.

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