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Energy Asset Monitoring

Understand your site’s energy usage in real-time

Live Energy Asset Oversight

Providing continuous service when struggling with a lack of asset visibility and seemingly hopeless energy waste is a persistent challenge for organizations. How can you improve your site’s efficiency, if you don’t know where or how your operational costs are wasted?

Overarching visibility for your remote energy assets

Galooli opens your eyes to how your remote sites use energy - from your generators and renewable energy sources, to backup batteries, grid usage, and more, in real-time.

Live alerts on any errant activity

From your site’s performance KPIs, to malfunctions, inefficiency, or simple behavior you designate outside the norms, we provide live alerts to ensure incidents are handled promptly.

A historical look at your performance

We also look at site performance over time to understand how to maximize each assets’ usage, minimize downtime and wasted operational costs, while improving your sites’ efficiency.

Practical applications of Galooli's
future-forward Energy Asset Monitoring solution

Energy Optimization

Galooli enables your organization to optimize your energy usage by securing active control over batteries charge/discharge status, and dynamic control through behavioral prediction mechanisms, for sites with multiple energy sources.

Energy Efficiency

Galooli’s solutions track your energy assets that operate out of set norms, thereby empowering data-driven decisions that reduce fuel and generator reliance, and minimize wasted energy, and their associated costs.

Operational Cost Savings

Galooli’s full suite of products and solutions provide your organization with the ability to reduce fuel costs, improve asset durability and warranty, and fix common malfunctions, from any remote location, generating significant operational cost savings.

Fuel Theft

Galooli empowers you to maintain control and possession over your site’s fuel by actively tracking fuel levels, deploying live alerts on potential thefts or excess usage, and establishing organization-wide limits on expected fuel use.

Battery Anti-Theft

Galooli’s patent-protected solution for preventing battery theft has been proven to prevent downtime across sites and critical systems, mitigating a global epidemic affecting >15% of remote sites in some countries.

Smart Energy Metering

Galooli puts an end to disputes, while increasing the overall efficiency, productivity, and profitability, of your metering/colocation. Our products and solutions present you with timely, actionable data that allows you to make smarter decisions and accurately bill, based on actual consumption.

How we enable your organization to achieve better Energy Asset Monitoring

Battery Monitoring

Our Battery Monitoring product allows you to track your batteries’ performance and usage metrics - state of health, state of charge, voltage, usage duration, and more - foreshadowing maintenance needs and drastically reducing downtime.

Battery Tracker

Our proprietary integrated battery tracker and live map overlay detect the slightest movement from your batteries and update the battery’s location live, helping to prevent your batteries from being stolen and sold for scrap metal, with a recovery success rate up to 100%.

Generator Monitoring

Our Generator Monitoring Module tracks a wide variety of KPIs and provides predictive real-time alerts for any maintenance needs and malfunctions, driving efficiency, performance, and durability, while reducing operational costs.

Clients who use
Energy Asset Monitoring see

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energy loss
Renewables slider pic
Reduce your carbon footprint and fuel reliance by introducing and optimizing renewable energy technologies for your facilities
Telecommunications slider pic
Preemptively detect and prevent telecom site malfunctions and inefficiencies to keep modern and digital business operations connected
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Data Centers
Make the most of your data, while making the most of your data center’s energy use
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Innovating energy efficiency on an industrial scale is easier than ever, with Galooli
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Ensure your sites and essential assets remain within compliance standards, always
Microgrid Industry
Effectively track, record, and update a wide array of energy assets to make the most out of localized power infrastructure
American Tower

“Galooli provides a critical solution
for our business operations.
They have directly generated significant sustainable cost savings”

Gordon Porter

Former CEO, American Tower subs

“for the first 6 months, with successful completion of projects, Galooli has done UNICEF a tremendous shift in cost reduction and OPEX savings.”


“…following the installation of the Galooli Fuel Management System on our generators, we see an immediate improvement in diesel consumption, generator fuel control, and theft protection…”

Carmel Dohan

CEO, AllFlavors Supreme Foods

Also from Galooli


Our comprehensive alarm management solution displays real-time, relevant alarms, granting stakeholders immediate visibility into any malfunctions or errant events in remote assets and facilities.

Galooli’s Platform is a dynamic and holistic application with a simple and easy-to-navigate interface that provides a centralized location for monitoring and managing your network of remote sites.

Battery Monitoring

Our Battery Monitoring product allows you to track your batteries’ performance and usage metrics – state of health, state of charge, voltage, usage duration, and more – foreshadowing maintenance needs and drastically reducing downtim

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