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Energy Storage Monitoring

Actively monitoring energy KPIs to limit outages

About the Product

When faced with unstable power sources and periodic – or even frequent – outages, there is a need to ensure your backup power solutions are ready to kick in at a moment’s notice. This begins with understanding when these energy solutions are being used, and if they are supposed to be active at that time. To achieve this goal, Galooli’s RMM actively monitors KPIs including availability, use time, voltage, load, state of charge, and state of health, and notifies of any malfunctions, in real-time, so that backup power can be provided, in a flash.


Live monitoring of
remote backup
energy storage assets

Intelligent insights and optimizations to maximize energy storage use
and efficiency

Tracking of energy KPIs and asset status from our web
or mobile platform

Maximized energy storage infrastructure lifetime
and warranty

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Our Solutions

Energy Asset Monitoring

Understand your site’s energy usage in real-time


Operational savings that extend beyond the scope of energy usage

Asset Visibility

Know the status of your remote assets, at all times

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