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Generator Monitoring

Data-driven insights for peak generator performance


About the Product

Generators – diesel or hybrid – are heavily relied upon in a variety of industrial use cases because they provide immediate power to remote sites and facilities. Our Generator Monitoring Module ensures that all your generators are properly installed, use the right voltage, run efficiently, and are not suffering from overuse.

By tracking a wide variety of KPIs including efficiency, carbon emissions, active time, fuel costs and fuel usage, we enable active analysis and benchmarking across all of your assets. This module also provides predictive real-time alerts for any maintenance needs and malfunctions, driving efficiency, performance, and durability while reducing operational costs, all from the comfort of your office.


Automated reporting on sustainability and efficiency

Programmable alerts to detect and resolve theft

Fuel usage analysis tracks costs and projects refuels

Active remote control easily activates, disables, or configures assets

Generators: Solving the Problems
Check out this document and discover how Galooli mitigates generator dysfunction!
August 29, 2023
Preserving Fuel Supply Integrity at Remote Sites
Learn how Galooli prevented abuse that would otherwise have gone undetected indefinitely
February 27, 2023

Our Solutions

Asset Security

Maintain the integrity of your sites; track every last drop of fuel


Asset Visibility

Know the status of your remote assets at all times


Operational savings that extend beyond the scope of energy usage

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