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Generator Monitoring

Data-driven insights for peak generator performance


About the Product

Generators – diesel or hybrid – are a heavily relied upon energy solution for a variety of industrial use cases, as they provide immediate power to remote sites and facilities. To ensure that your generator is properly installed, uses the right voltage, runs efficiently, and is not suffering from overuse, our Generator Monitoring Module tracks a wide variety of KPIs including voltage, time in use, fuel use, efficiency, carbon emissions, and more. It also provides predictive real-time alerts for any maintenance needs and malfunctions, driving efficiency, performance, and durability, while reducing operational costs.


Real-time monitoring of generator’s performance and KPIs

Active tracking of fuel use and alerts on
potential thefts

Actionable insights to tweak generator use and
maximize efficiency

Tracker integrates seamlessly into manufacturing process

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Our Solutions

Asset Security

Maintain the integrity of your sites, by knowing where your assets are, at every given moment


Asset Visibility

Know the status of your remote assets, at all times


Operational savings that extend beyond the scope of energy usage

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