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Preemptively detect and prevent telecom site malfunctions and inefficiencies
to keep modern and digital business operations connected

Optimizing energy consumption for more efficient telecommunications

The telecommunications sector is one of the most critical aspects of infrastructure to provide continuity to modern and digital business operations. As new network generations provide more secure, faster, and more stable connections and near-instant access to information, is the energy used by your telecom site as efficient as can be?

telecom OPEX from
site energy use
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power consumption
Irregular, inconvenient site visits
Often, telecom sites are visited once every few years, to ensure everything is running smoothly. Depending on their location, arriving at telecom sites to address a malfunction can require significant time and investment.

The rising cost of onsite only
Discovering the source of various malfunctions or losses in continuity can only be done onsite, requiring emergency visits at unpredictable times. As network technology evolves, these problems are only getting more costly.

Inefficient deployments
5G networks are 90% more efficient than previous network generations, yet most current and planned deployments heavily rely on existing sites that support older generations. Adding 5G technologies and connectivity to these sites can drive their energy consumption by up to 70%!

Our Solutions

Energy Asset Monitoring

Understand your site’s energy usage, in real-time


Operational savings that extend beyond the scope of energy usage

Site Management

Centralizing remote infrastructure for sites looking to optimize operational costs


Monetizing your site’s performance has never been more efficient

Asset Visibility

Know the status of your remote assets, at all times

Fleet Management

Know where your fleets go, and what their maintenance
needs may be

The Professional Guide to Tower Maintenance

All you need to know about keeping your sites up and running

February 10, 2023

Cutting Through the Red Tape

Operator saved tens of thousands of dollars fixing this issue alone

November 25, 2021

Preventing Energy Loss and Saving Millions

Keeping network access and cell connection stable for tens or hundreds of millions of mobile users requires careful analysis

May 12, 2022

“Galooli provides a critical solution
for our business operations.
They have directly generated significant sustainable cost savings”

Gordon Porter

Former CEO, American Tower subs
Airtel logo

“Galooli has been our main supplier of Fuel Monitoring Systems (FMS) for our BTS sites”

Rajesh Agwaral


So valuable to be able to see detailed operating data from our sites in real time. Thanks to the Galooli team for their excellent remote monitoring product and most impressive rollout.

Stephen Harris

CEO and Co-founder

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