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Keep your moving assets on track, with Galooli Fleet Management

Manage more while in motion

For industrial and corporate fleets, being able to keep track of these remote assets can be exhausting. Managing remote stationary assets can be a daunting task on its own, but what happens when those assets are constantly moving? Moreover, what happens when those assets are under the control of an individual, and not operating independently? 

improved MPG thru fleet maintenance
increased fuel use from unnecessary idling
Tons of oversight required
It is crucial to ensure compliance with corporate guidelines and personal responsibility for these drivers. This includes keeping track of fuel use, and ensuring the company isn’t wasting money on inefficient fleet behavior.

The need to know, in the here-and-now
Even if you could check the behavior of a vehicle, it is often only with a black-box like sensor that simply records data throughout the vehicle's movements. What you really need is a live alert from the comfort of your workstation or mobile phone.

Making your mobile assets stay mobile
Adopting a proactive predictive maintenance approach and staying on top of warnings and regular car servicing is a must, but it’s difficult to stay the course when mitigating present-day incidents seem to usurp your teams’ resources and focus.

Our Solutions

Fleet Management

Know where your fleets go, and what their maintenance
may be


Monetizing your site’s performance has never been more efficient

Asset Visibility

Know the status of your remote assets, at all times


Operational savings that extend beyond the scope of energy usage

Energy Asset Monitoring

Understand your site’s energy usage, in real-time

Taking EV Charging Off-Grid

Why rely on off grid systems instead of grid integration? Learn more about the best way to charge EVs anywhere

June 6, 2023
American Tower Logo

“Galooli has successfully supplied RSM good & services to American Tower Coroporation Africa and they have been found to be reliable in their delivery timelines and quality.”

Darren Crosse

CTO Africa, ATC Africa

“Since the deployment of the Galooli system, our OPEX has dropped by 45%”

Adams Nurudeen

Asset and Compliance Manager, webb fontaine
Unicef Logo

“for the first 6 months, with successful completion of projects, Galooli has done UNICEF a tremendous shift in cost reduction and OPEX savings.”


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