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Why Enhance
Energy Flow?

At Galooli, we work hard to make our service available to everyone, no matter the hardware. To that end, we offer integrations with all industry standard protocols through a wide range of the most popular brands for inverters, charge controllers, rectifiers, batteries and more.

Want to know how easy it is to start enhancing your 
energy profile today?

What does the Galooli Solution do?​

Galooli provides a holistic remote monitoring and management platform to track, analyze and optimize all of your remote sites and energy assets. Not only is our solution compatible with some of the most popular brands, it can even process information from entirely separate brands and equipment simultaneously. We offer an array of tools to help maximize the efficiency of your sites’ power supplies and ensure that they run efficiently and uninterrupted, resulting in cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Galooli’s platform is agnostic and is implementable in several novel ways. Our proprietary hardware modules can integrate with most any existing energy assets and we also offer compatibility with Linux based gateways for even greater coverage. Our solution can also be integrated with your existing hardware on-site and provide the same analytics, monitoring, and insights

How do we integrate with top brands?

American Tower Logo

"Galooli provides a critical solution for our business operations. They have directly generated significant sustainable cost savings"

Gordon Porter
COO Paradigm (SBA Communication JV) Former CEO at American Tower, VP Operations

"So valuable to be able to see detailed operating data from our sites in real time. Thanks to the Galooli team for their excellent remote monitoring product and most impressive rollout."

Stephen Harris
CEO and Co-founder

"Since the deployment of the Galooli system,our OPEX has dropped by 45%"

Adams Nurudeen
Asset and Compliance Manager

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