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Case Studies

Generators: Solving the Problem

Here's a collection of 5 cases where Galooli solves generator problems before they create lasting damage.

Flipping the Switch Part 2

Last time we touched on the energy crisis in India. Now, we're back to explore more impacts of poor energy efficiency.

Engine Hours Tampering

Discover how Galooli resolves chronic fuel theft from critical generator assets amidst skyrocketing gas prices.

Grid & Generator - Simple Solution

Find out how we provided an embassy with live monitoring and remote control over their energy assets

Flipping the Switch on Efficient Backup Power - Part 1

Newfound visibility lead to actionable energy performance insights and increased efficiency

Diving Into Remote Site Energy Use

Learn how our clients received full visibility over their remote assets and get cost-saving insights with Galooli's RMM platform.

kNOCking Down Maintenance Woes

Galooli helped transform a clients' manual ticketing system into an intuitive automated platform with remote management capabilities

Preventing Energy Loss - Save Millions

Galooli’s RMM provides complete visibility and live tracking of your remote sites and assets

Increasing Site Visibility

Nearly 40% of site energy costs can be saved by switching to renewable energy sources

Agnostic Remote Management

Over $3 million saved on solution-specific hardware and operational costs

Battery Theft Prevention

Galooli's GPS tracker: An Immediate Return on Investment (ROI) in less than two months

Optimizing Backup Power Sources

Real-time visibility and alerts established where there was a complete lack of remote capabilities

Cutting Through The Red Tape

Operator saved tens of thousands of dollars fixing this issue alone