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Comprehensive alarm management for industrial organizations

About the Product

Galooli’s Network Operating Center (NOC) is a comprehensive alarm management solution that displays real-time, relevant alarms, granting stakeholders immediate visibility into any malfunctions or errant events in remote assets and facilities. The NOC is capable of displaying and sorting alarms by their severity, to ensure that those that need priority are displayed and taken care of accordingly. With an easy-to-navigate map overlay display and the ability to be fully integrated into your organization’s ticketing system, industrial organizations are better able to identify where problems are physically located, decide on resource allocation and prioritization, and take timely action.


Live alerts and alarms with detailed information
on the event

Quick mitigation, with remote management and control capabilities

Map overlay provides physical overview and status for every remote site
and asset

Automated prioritized alerts with intelligent filters to eliminate false flags

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Our Solutions

Asset Security

Maintain the integrity of your sites, by knowing where your assets are, at every given moment

Site Management

Centralizing remote infrastructure for sites looking to optimize operational costs

Asset Visibility

Know the status of your remote assets, at all times

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