Agnostic Remote Management and Analytics - A Tale of Two Solutions


African telecoms have been in a period of rapid deployment and expansion in the last decade. In the last five years alone, 3G coverage rose from just 52% to over 75%. Moreover, Africa’s 481 million users make up nearly half of the world’s customers on these networks. This has led to a significant decrease in data costs and download speeds have more than doubled.  

This massive telecom expansion has necessitated the construction of a network of over 170,000 towers and base stations, and 25,767 of those are located in South Africa 

The Customer and Their Challenges 

The customer is one of the largest site operators in the sub-Saharan region, and one of several customers in the area. They had previously worked with a remote monitoring and management provider, including investing in both software and hardware for their base stations.  

Though they successfully implemented the solutions into existing infrastructure, the results were unsatisfactory, and they chose to seek out other platforms that could provide real added value. The telecom provider was looking for a solution that could provide actionable insights using gathered data while monitoring and managing energy assets in real-time. 

The goal for the telecom provider was to have greater visibility over the performance of their sites, as well as the capability to be alerted to and react to errant events in real-time. They also sought to maximize their energy efficiency and cut down on operating costs related to refueling and wasteful energy use. 

However, they also wanted to do all this, without going through the entire process of installing entirely new hardware at each site and having that added cost on top of the existing devices. Fortunately, Galooli’s remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform is perfectly designed as a tailor-fit solution to this pain point. 

Galooli’s Solution 

Galooli’s RMM is an agnostic platform that is implementable in several novel ways. We have our own proprietary hardware modules that can integrate with most any existing energy assets, whether they be generators, batteries, solar, wind, grid use, and more.  

In addition, our solution can also be integrated with existing hardware on-site, even if it isn’t our own, and provide the same analytics, monitoring, and insights. Finally, we can simply integrate into a telecom providers existing cloud infrastructure and provide our services through a cloud connection. 

For this customer, we integrated into their existing hardware on-site, and then transferred gathered data to our cloud solution instead of the previous provider.  Analytics and insights were provided through our platform, and a visual deployment map overlay offered a live view of their sites and relevant KPIs about their performance and status. 


Galooli was able to provide actionable insights and live alerts and monitoring for over 2000 sites using our cloud integration with their existing hardware, resulting in savings of over $3 million in OPEX and CAPEX. The customer was able to start making changes to their site operations due to live updates as to site performance metrics and anomalous events, saving on maintenance and unnecessary periodic visits.  

They were able to do so without the necessity to purchase and install additional hardware, and with minimal added overhead. In addition, due to the nature of Galooli’s platform, any new sites that the customer constructs can be seamlessly integrated into the network without issue.  

  • One of the largest telco site operators in sub-Saharan Africa lacks over-arching visibility 
  • Prior solutions were insufficient to provide relevant insights 
  • Needed comprehensive management and analytics capabilities w/o adding additional hardware  
Galooli’s Solution
  • An agnostic platform that can integrate with existing hardware, cloud infrastructure, or proprietary sensors to monitor a variety of energy assets 
  • Remote monitoring and management of energy assets along with analytics providing actionable insights and live alerts 
  • 2000 sites successfully managed on a single platform without additional hardware required 
  • Over $3 million saved on solution-specific hardware and operational costs 
  • Cloud-integrated analytics connected to the customer’s existing infrastructure on a central platform 
  • Dynamic integration of any new sites added to the network with existing or new hardware 
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