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Operational savings that extend beyond the scope of energy usage

Eco-friendly Approach

In today’s day and age, tracking carbon emissions and analyzing energy usage are mission-critical, beyond the scope of improving energy efficiency, to caring for our world and the people it inhabits. For remote sites, it’s adapt or die.

Operational savings beyond energy

Galooli has your organization’s carbon footprint at the forefront of our strategy, ensuring that you consistently meet your emissions goals and regulatory requirements, and reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Sustainability KPIs with your sites in mind

Galooli’s Sustainability solution tracks performance metrics across remote facilities and can compare a network of sites to identify pollutants, break down site emissions, and show savings provided by renewable energy sources.

Going green has never been easier

Our expanded Galooli Eco dashboard makes tracking key metrics simpler than ever, empowering you to achieve a minimum of 10% carbon emissions reductions, year-over-year.

Practical applications of Galooli's
future-forward Sustainability solution

Energy Optimization

Galooli enables your organization to optimize your energy usage by securing active control over batteries charge/discharge status, and dynamic control through behavioral prediction mechanisms, for sites with multiple energy sources.

Sustainability Outlook

With Galooli, your organization can lead the way towards more sustainable operations. Our solutions allow you to identify your organization’s most-polluting sites, track major carbon KPIs, and understand how the renewables you use on site actually reduce carbon emissions.

Energy Efficiency

Galooli’s solutions track your energy assets that operate out of set norms, thereby empowering data-driven decisions that reduce fuel and generator reliance, and minimize wasted energy, and their associated costs.

Regulatory Compliance

Galooli takes the guesswork out of regulatory compliance. Our proactive approach empowers your organization to adhere to FAA tower lighting requirements and detect abnormal behavior in real-time, so you can avoid the costs of manual checks, as well as hefty violation fines.

KPI Tracking

With Galooli, you can track actionable, relevant energy and carbon metrics for your organization. Use these energy and sustainability metrics to detect abnormal behaviors – immediately and over time – and optimize operations, for significant savings.

Remote Management

With Galooli, your organization can gain control over your remote energy assets, with speed and ease. Our products and solutions allow you to remotely sync and fix configuration issues, across your site network, and receive regular reports, allowing for real-time response.

How Galooli empowers your organization's next generation Sustainability

Generator Monitoring

Our Generator Monitoring Module tracks a wide variety of KPIs and provides predictive real-time alerts for any maintenance needs and malfunctions, driving efficiency, performance, and durability, while reducing operational costs.

Galooli Platform

Galooli’s Platform is a dynamic and holistic application with a simple and easy-to-navigate interface that provides a centralized location for monitoring and managing your network of remote sites, from custom report creation to live alerts on any unusual activity or issues onsite.


Galooli Analytics transforms the data on your operations into actionable insights and uses live cloud and historical data to provide predictive alerts for maintenance issues and abnormal activity onsite, ensuring that your data works for you.

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Reduce your carbon footprint and fuel reliance by introducing and optimizing renewable energy technologies for your facilities
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Preemptively detect and prevent telecom site malfunctions and inefficiencies to keep modern and digital business operations connected
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Data Centers
Make the most of your data, while making the most of your data center’s energy use
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Innovating energy efficiency on an industrial scale is easier than ever, with Galooli
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Ensure your sites and essential assets remain within compliance standards, always
American Tower

“Galooli provides a critical solution
for our business operations.
They have directly generated significant sustainable cost savings”

Gordon Porter

Former CEO, American Tower subs
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“Galooli has been our main supplier of Fuel Monitoring Systems (FMS) for our BTS sites”

Rajesh Agwaral

CTO Africa, ATC Africa
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“Since the deployment of the
Galooli system,our OPEX has dropped by 45%”

Adams Nurudeen

Asset and Compliance Manager

Also from Galooli


Our comprehensive alarm management solution displays real-time, relevant alarms, granting stakeholders immediate visibility into any malfunctions or errant events in remote assets and facilities.

Galooli’s Platform is a dynamic and holistic application with a simple and easy-to-navigate interface that provides a centralized location for monitoring and managing your network of remote sites.

Our Battery Monitoring product allows you to track your batteries’ performance and usage metrics to predict maintenance needs and drastically reduce downtime.

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