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Generate business and revenue growth while driving customer acquisition by expanding your business into new opportunities and
sectors with Galooli’s Partner Program.

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Improved energy utilization

Maximize the health and life expectancy of power sources and minimize energy loss.​

Full Continuity

Improve the uptime of sites while reducing power drops and regulatory fines. ​

Remote Access

Monitor and manage energy assets 24/7 from the comfort of a home or office.

Environmental Awareness

Maximize green potential by shrinking carbon footprints, fossil fuel consumption, and other resource usage.

Why Choose Galooli’s Partner Program?​

Galooli provides a unique value to your organization
to generate additional revenue streams and acquire new customers.

Increase your product’s value

Get the most out of your equipment with our agnostic platform.

Join the race to NET-ZERO

Lead the smart revolution of renewable energy efficiency.

Transform your business​

Work in a smarter environment using our platform to control and optimize your machinery.

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"Galooli provides a critical solution for our business operations. They have directly generated significant sustainable cost savings"
Gordon Porter
Former CEO, American Tower subs
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"Since the deployment of the Galooli system,our OPEX has dropped by 45%"
Adams Nurudeen
Asset and Compliance Manager
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“Galooli, a leading force in the field of RMS, has been able to maintain an excellent standard of quality”
Piergiorgio Balbo
Head of Reserve Power Solutions