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Remote Control

The ultimate remote-control solution to keep you on top of all your remote assets

Galooli Dynamic Active Control and Cut Through

Take back full control of your remote assets and facilities with Galooli’s Dynamic Active Control and Cut Through. With remote control capabilities, diagnosing and fixing problems, and syncing sites and assets in bulk no longer require onsite technicians. From the comfort of your workstation, you can keep your sites and assets optimized, and minimize the risk and length of downtime.

A universal remote for any facility

Galooli’s Dynamic Active Control lets you control assets remotely, sending operational commands to specific equipment or energy assets and switching them on or off. Proactively manage your site from the comfort of your office.

AI-automated asset balancing

Galooli's patented energy optimization AI actively manages energy loads to reduce overlap between redundant assets, increase overall energy efficiency, and make adjustments based on minute-to-minute site status.

Going beyond internal support

Our Cut-Through solution can identify sites with problematic configurations or settings and then synchronize or update their configuration settings to cut down on downtime, and maintenance time and costs, - in hours!

Practical applications of Galooli's
future-forward Remote Control solution

Remote Management

With Galooli, your organization can gain control over your remote energy assets, with speed and ease. Our products and solutions allow you to remotely sync and fix configuration issues, across your site network, and receive regular reports, allowing for real-time response.

Energy Efficiency

Galooli’s solutions track your energy assets that operate out of set norms, thereby empowering data-driven decisions that reduce fuel and generator reliance and minimize wasted energy and their associated costs.

Energy Optimization

Galooli enables your organization to optimize your energy usage by securing active control over batteries charge/discharge status, and dynamic control through behavioral prediction mechanisms, for sites with multiple energy sources.

Overarching Visibility

Galooli’s live map view of remote assets and sites and real-time alerts on site malfunctions and incidents empower site managers and owners to track individual site and asset performance along with that of the entire network and make important decisions, ever in-the-know.

Digital Twin

With Galooli, you can optimize every aspect of your remote operations, using a digital twin. We’ll help you understand which specific components or sensors are malfunctioning – and how – and provide you with alerts on potential outages and service disruptions, in real-time.

Agnostic Compatibility

Galooli empowers you to integrate your organization’s infrastructure with proprietary hardware – including with existing hardware from another supplier – as well as directly into the cloud, thereby increasing your site’s capabilities, with seamlessness and ease.

How we enable your organization to achieve Remote Control

Galooli Dynamic Active Control

Our Dynamic Active Control enables updates and commands to be sent to assets remotely. This gives you extensive management capabilities and control functionalities that are usually only available onsite, increasing external usability with our SDK.

Galooli Live

Galooli Live provides users with data storage capabilities, while standardizing the information collected. The platform is also able to create real-time logic-based flags and alarms according to the customer’s needs, and includes periodic reports and real-time push notifications for stakeholders.


Galooli Analytics transforms the data on your operations into actionable insights and uses live cloud and historical data to provide predictive alerts for maintenance issues and abnormal activity onsite, ensuring that your data works for you.

Clients who use Remote Control experience

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site visits
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operational costs
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energy losses​
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Preemptively detect and prevent telecom site malfunctions and inefficiencies to keep modern and digital business operations connected
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Innovating energy efficiency on an industrial scale is easier than ever, with Galooli
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Ensure your sites and essential assets remain within compliance standards, always
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Data Centers
Make the most of your data, while making the most of your data center’s energy use
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Keep your moving assets on track, with Galooli Fleet Management
Microgrid Industry
Effectively track, record, and update a wide array of energy assets to make the most out of localized power infrastructure
American Tower

“Galooli provides a critical solution
for our business operations.
They have directly generated significant sustainable cost savings”

Gordon Porter

Former CEO, American Tower subs
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“Galooli has been our main supplier of Fuel Monitoring Systems (FMS) for our BTS sites”

Rajesh Agwaral

CTO Africa, ATC Africa
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“Since the deployment of the
Galooli system,our OPEX has dropped by 45%”

Adams Nurudeen

Asset and Compliance Manager

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Our proprietary integrated battery tracker and live map overlay detect the slightest movement from your batteries and update the battery’s location live, with a recovery success rate up to 100%.

Galooli’s Platform is a dynamic and holistic application with a simple and easy-to-navigate interface that provides a centralized location for monitoring and managing your network of remote sites.

Our Battery Monitoring product allows you to track your batteries’ performance and usage metrics to predict maintenance needs and drastically reduce downtime.

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