Galooli Panorama: Revolutionizing Remote Monitoring & Management

Galooli is constantly striving to drive our innovative energy management platform forward. We have introduced a variety of features in recent months, from our sustainability dashboard to My Automations, Customized Dashboards, and more.

While ZonMax as a platform has been at the forefront of our company, we have felt the need to provide an even more universal, and accessible platform.

We are extremely excited to introduce you to Galooli Panorama.

Galooli Panorama

Panorama is a completely web-based platform compatible with any browser, OS, and resolution. We are replacing our download-based software and focusing solely on our Panorama platform and mobile app.

Now, all of your sites and assets and their performance metrics will be available in a unified interface as clusters, in addition to being able to highlight specific units. Within Panorama, assets and sites are grouped by type in a side menu for easy access and filtering without the need for additional manual actions.

Panorama will feature three easy-to-change viewing modes, Map, Live, and Analytics.

Map Mode provides a map overlay with all your assets displayed on a highly accurate geolocated overlay, including static and mobile assets. Units are color-coded by overall status, and with an appropriate icon for each.

Live Mode provides a live stream of KPIs from selected remote sites including all of the assets that are actually on site. Here you can see the status of the overall site, details for each connected asset, and any alarms or alerts. Assets have a wealth of information available on their usage and live status on smart cards, along with an overview of how the site or building uses the available energy supply.

Each asset has alarms color coded for severity built-in combined with in-depth descriptions of the type of issue and the performance statistics at the time of the event.

Lastly, Analytics Mode provides an organized and in-depth look into your overall site and asset performance data through several carefully cultivated dashboards. In addition, through Galooli PRO, these dashboards can be customized entirely to cater to your organization’s data reporting needs.

Leading the Smart Revolution

Galooli is continuing to push the boundaries of remote monitoring and management technology. We’re devoted to maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of our tools so that we can pass it on to our customers. With this latest update, Galooli’s platform is more accessible than ever.


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