GALOOLI and AQUARIUS are joining forces

AQUARIUS and GALOOLI are joining forces to introduce a new phase in energy supply and management

AQUARIUS ENGINES and GALOOLI have set out to offer their customers the most reliable, cost effective and green remotely managed energy supply.

To that end, the two companies have combined the eco-friendly AQUARIUS generators with their  innovative Aquarius Management System (AMS) together with Galooli’s inhouse AI-enhanced Remote Management module.  This will enable real-time data gathering, remote asset visibility and generate actionable insights of generators’ performance from the moment of installation.

About Galooli​

Galooli specializes in the industrial Internet of things (IIoT), with a focus on remote management and predictive analytics for connected assets and energy sources. Its patented technology enables users from a variety of industries to increase cost savings and energy efficiency while reducing their carbon emissions and operating costs.


AQUARIUS ENGINES is a multinational supplier of backup generators that offer comprehensive, reliable, cost effective, green energy supply and advanced site energy management and optimization solutions. Aquarius’ ground-breaking generators integrate the Aquarius Free Piston Linear Engine together with its AMS and site energy management SW, providing a complete response to backup and emergency power needs to its customers around the globe.

Why collaborate now?

The collaboration between these two companies replaces the traditionally binary and polluting diesel backup generators with a smart, remotely operated and optimized energy asset that can be monitored and managed from anywhere, at any time. This plug-and-play solution will ensure cost-effective green energy supply, unprecedented reliability and availability, overall energy optimization and will also provide live alerts to any errant activity.

According to Shahar Milman, VP Sales & Business Development at Galooli, the above collaboration will provide a joint solution for energy efficiency-based analytics managed remotely as part of our ongoing strategy to support our clients in the race to net zero.

Chen Tsuk, VP Sales & Business Development at Aquarius Engines added that collaborating with Galooli is another step in the company’s strategy of offering its customers a holistic green energy management and optimization solution.

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Shahar Milman, VP Sales & Business Development

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Chen Tsuk, VP Sales & Business Development

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