The Great Green RTU

Telecom site with Galooli's ELARA and connectivity symbols in the foreground
  • Galooli launches Elara: its newly designed Remote Terminal Unit
  • The new RTU replaces our 2015 Corona TR7Z
  • Elara is a key factor in Galooli’s RMS for connected sites

The WhatsApp message landed on my phone at exactly 11:13 PM on Friday. Other than a short text, it included a satellite picture from the middle of the jungle of a certain South American country. The sender was our COO who was excited to share happy news about a successful proof of concept (POC). Our Support Team, he explained, had just finished guiding the Technical Team of a certain telecom company through the installation of our system on site 600234, which is the first operational site of an ambitious new project. 

Since the site is totally unapproachable by car, the team had begun the two-hours trek back to their vehicles. By 11:13 PM the data from the site was flowing directly to our cloud-base servers, where it is being processed and analyzed by cutting edge industrial IoT. From here on out, their path to fast, smart, and efficient Remote Management Solutions (RMS) is guaranteed. 

What’s Behind a Cloud?

The world of Remote Management Solutions is characterized by two seemingly contradictory aspects. On the one hand, RMS is abstract and hi-tech to the extreme. Buzz words such as IoT, algorithms, cloud-based servers, cutting-edge technology constantly appear. On the other hand, these solutions are real-world objects that come with real-world challenges.  The main goal of the RMS world is to bridge that gap and forge connections between the physical reality of fieldwork and the digital reality of cyberspace.  

Behind any server or web-based application are hardworking technical teams installing and maintaining the hardware/software connection. The teams operate 365 days a year, 24/7 under all weather conditions and in all terrains. Therefore, behind every server or web-based application there is a lot of sweat and physical effort. The hi-tech aspects of the world of RMS and the necessary hardware are inseparably intertwined. 

What’s in the Box?

The Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is a small box that collects and transmits telemetry data from the site—be it a power, hybrid, or telecom site—to cloud-based servers. Transforming a power source into a connected asset is dependent on the ability to physically connect the power source to the RTU. 

Without a connection between the grid, battery, generator, rectifier, solar panel, or other power source and the RTU, no data will flow to and from the site and it can’t be run remotely. The agnostic nature of the RTU—its ability to connect to different devices and make them speak the same telemetric language—is therefore a critical conjunction point, without which no RMS capacity exists. 


Anyone who acknowledges the significance of an RTU to Remote Site Management Solutions should realize why we are so thrilled about our new Elara. We have begun upgrading an enormous amount of sites equipped with 2015 Corona TR7Z units—our previous generation RTU—with 2021 Elaras.


The Elara is characterized by an outstanding agnostic capacity, its ability to connect to a wide array of devices and power sources, and to deploy them individually (Its full technical specifications are available on our online store and knowledge base). Moreover, Elara is designed to be easily installed, and to support hundreds of types of controllers and sensor protocols, as well as 2, 3 and 4G cellular networks. 

Elara also provides users with the ultimate RMS experience. Its Cut Through feature gives users the option of remotely configuring devices while its Drag & Drop feature allows customers to integrate them independently. Once installed, Elara minimizes the need to show up for on-site maintenance like no other RTU on the market. 

Your Challenges, Our Solutions

The scenario repeats itself time and again. Operators of connected sites lose precious time and money due to four main reasons: 

  1. Mismanagement of on-site energy sources 
  2. Power drops, which lead to low uptime, service interruptions, and regulatory fines.  
  3. Lack of awareness or ability to get sites connected and manage them remotely based on accurate past data, real-time information, and predictive analytics.  
  4. Lack of agnosticism, and the ability to connect assets and power sources as part of a seamless comprehensive site solution.  

The new Elara is a key factor in Galooli’s remote management solutions for connected sites. Elara maximizes energy utilization, sites’ uptime, and OPEX savings while reducing the burden on technical maintenance teams and taking into consideration environmental concerns. 

These benefits and much more are the result of cutting-edge algorithms, a state-of-the-art cloud-based platform, and extreme sensitivity to UI and UX concerns. With Galooli and Elara, users are buying the best RMS software and hardware available on the market. The assets are all yours. We just make them smarter.  

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