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Top 10 Industrial IoT Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Solutions For 2021

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Business as usual has gone out the window for most organizations. For a number of environmental and economic reasons, service providers and other industrial enterprises have increasingly relied on internet-connected devices for effective business continuity and operations.

However, though organizations are required to invest in modernizing and future-proofing their operations, the results speak for themselves. The results of implementing Industrial Industry of Things (IIoT) solutions is expected to boost the global economy by over $14 trillion by 2030, and the industry itself will be worth over $1.1 trillion by 2028

More and more sites and assets are becoming part of this growing network, providing billions of data points annually. This has created the need for a streamlined, central hub to track and control all of these devices. This is where remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions come into play.

Why are RMM solutions so important?

In this article, we’re not going to go too in-depth into this subject, as we have a post completely dedicated to remote monitoring and management. For now, we’ll summarize the main challenges and benefits of using remote management and monitoring solutions. 

The main challenges facing IIoT organizations in a variety of industries with are: 

  • New and growing operational security concerns
  • Lack of timely problem remediation
  • Rising OPEX costs due to expansion
  • Storage and organization of growing data volume
  • Absence of standardization with a rapidly expanding variety of devices

To solve these issues, RMM solutions are capable of:

  • Reducing on-site inspections and maintenance with live monitoring
  • Extending the lifetime and overall health of monitored assets
  • Tracking of organization-specific KPIs with AI-enhanced analytics
  • Sending live alerts when metrics exceed established norms
  • Managing remote assets and shut down problematic devices to mitigate damage
  • Using gathered data to provide actionable insights to improve efficiency and continuity
  • Minimizing overall OPEX and CAPEX

How to Choose the Right RMM for your organization

The first step in the process of choosing the right remote monitoring software is counting the number of sites or assets you plan on monitoring. They are split between tools designed to focus on gleaning the maximum amount of usable information from a single site, while others excel when multiple sites are involved.

Next, you need to look at the devices and equipment you have on-site that you want to monitor and manage from afar. At this stage, it is not only creating a list of these assets you want to be monitored but also the relevant metrics you want to track for each. It is worth taking the time here to understand exactly what your needs are before diving into purchasing sensors.

Then, you must have an understanding of the compatibility of the devices you will be working with, and how you want to introduce these monitoring systems to your sites. Some tools are specifically designed for certain systems or may require hardware to be purchased in addition to the remote monitoring software. Other solutions are agnostic in nature; these are fully functional using proprietary hardware, integrating into existing infrastructure, or cloud-based to monitor and analyze live data. 

Lastly, you need to look at the feature set of the solution itself depending on your needs. However, all solutions regardless of their intended industry should provide both KPI tracking and analytics, as well as live alerts for any anomalous activity. Some have even taken this a step further, and began to maximize green energy usage and energy efficiency overall.

Top 10 RMM and RMS Software by Industry

Industry 4.0

IIoT solutions for the modern industrial sprawl and especially the manufacturing industry have revolutionized the production process. They have begun to offer hitherto unseen levels of visibility, and actionable insights from data these plants would otherwise be unable to retrieve and analyze. 

Ramping up production, avoiding unexpected downtime with predictive alerts, and finding bottlenecks to improve efficiency at every stage of the process are just some of the features for these remote management tools.

CoreTigo offers a factory-focused remote management, monitoring, and automation solution giving manufacturers the opportunity to take their operations wireless. CoreTigo’s IIoT monitoring tools reduce increasingly complex wiring layouts and minimize human risk in potentially dangerous work environments.

Price: Upon request

Celeno offers a wide range of IIoT-oriented remote management and monitoring solutions, including an Industry 4.0 – focused platform. The RMM software offers a novel solution to frequent signal interference and challenging conditions. Besides streamlining and boosting connectivity, it also provides live alerts for predictive maintenance and geo-fencing.

Price: Upon request


When a telecom provider needs to manage thousands, or tens of thousands of base stations and installations across thousands of miles, they often cannot reach remote towers consistently to do on-site maintenance. Even performing regular maintenance and connecting network infrastructure over all of these sites is very time and energy-consuming.

Implementing RMM software for telecom sites is more relevant than ever, as 5G requires exponentially more towers closer together to function well, meaning many more nodes to manage. In addition, certain states require every base station to have at least several days-worth of backup batteries on-hand in the event of natural disasters.

Galooli offers the complete RMM package to provide monitoring and management of energy assets and on-site machinery, and provide live alerts for errant activity or events.

Galooli’s remote monitoring and management solution offers a robust, user-friendly, and intuitive Energy Management as a Service (EMaaS) platform.

With Galooli’s cutting-edge remote monitoring solution, you can maximize performance and gain an advantage in areas beyond OPEX and CAPEX savings, like connectivity and innovation. Our platform also offers AI-augmented analytics that provide real and actionable insights to improve your site’s energy efficiency and performance.

Galooli’s RMM solution is both scalable and agnostic, in that it can be deployed with proprietary hardware, integrated into existing infrastructure, or connected directly to the cloud network. This will provide you with, among other things, intelligent and more efficient usage, along with remote control over all of your units.

Our platform also offers broad compatibility with your existing energy assets like generators, solar panels, batteries, wind turbines, and more. Overall, Galooli’s RMM solution provides significantly enhanced response time, reduced maintenance and overhead, security, and, most importantly – peace of mind.

Price: Upon Request

Watchwire is a cloud-based energy data management system designed to help manage energy efficiency and provide more accurate reporting and reduce energy costs. It is building and campus-focused, and helps to discern any excessive energy and commodity usage, as well as its source.

Price: Upon Request

Information Technology (IT)

RMM software is not only able to manage manufacturing facilities and telecommunications base stations. It is just as relevant for IT personnel, in order to maintain and control network infrastructure, endpoints, and connected devices like workstations. Often relying on an agent installed client-side, these tools feed a constant stream of data to uncover devices that require updating or vulnerabilities in the network.

N-Able RMM (formerly Solarwinds RMM) offering monitoring, management, and automation for IT operations for clients of all shapes and sizes. The remote management software actively scans endpoints and offers complete access to problematic nodes without disrupting the end user. It also manages patch updates, offers web protection tools, and provides risk assessments based on intelligence data gathered.

Price: Upon Request

Ninja is an easy-to-use RMM solution based on modern cloud technologies. The intuitive yet robust feature set and interface is able to manage both Windows and Mac endpoints, offer remote access and control, patching, antivirus scans, and customized automated scripts. NinjaRMM also provides several alert and live monitoring tools that allow for custom rules and notifications catered to each enterprise.

Price: Upon Request

Electric Vehicles (EV)

As vehicle fleets turn more and more towards EV solutions, managing and monitoring the performance of these electric vehicles is more important than ever. As literally the most expensive part of any EV, maintaining peak battery health and understanding how your drivers and vehicles perform is a critical aspect of extending their lifetime. 

The innovative nature of EVs means these solutions can often integrate without any additional hardware, directly through the cloud. This field is not only limited to the batteries and performance of electric vehicles alone, but the charging stations and managing their upkeep as well.

Bosch offers a cloud-based remote battery management solution (BMS) that acts as a buoy to EVs’ existing BMS systems. This tool is designed to extend the lifetime of lithium ion batteries, as well as track performance and forecast an individual battery or a fleet’s expected remaining lifetime and overall health.

Price: Upon Request

Driivz is a remote management solution on the charging end of the spectrum, focused on optimizing the overall charging experience for the EV customer and site manager alike. Driivz can manage thousands of charging stations on a single network, and garner relevant insights as to improving site performance and energy consumption.

Price: Upon Request


While straying outside of the traditional usage of remote monitoring solutions, we would be remiss if we didn’t also mention the capability of these solutions to apply to the medical field. Unlike other remote monitoring solutions, these tools are designed to track patient monitors and give an alert for any outlying events or healthcare KPIs as they happen. 

Driivz is a remote management solution on the charging end of the spectrum, focused on optimizing the overall charging experience for the EV customer and site manager alike. Driivz can manage thousands of charging stations on a single network, and garner relevant insights as to improving site performance and energy consumption.

Price: Upon Request

100Plus is a relative newcomer to this burgeoning field, and provides remote patient device monitoring for chronically ill individuals. The solution is fully supported by the company, including ensuring patient adherence to protocols, and providing all the necessary time and labor to set up and maintain the system. 

Price: Upon Request

Wrapping up our rundown

This list is just a taste of some of the more popular and innovative remote monitoring and management solutions available. Even within each industry, there are at least a handful of options to choose from beyond our selection, so feel free to suggest your own favorites as well. 

No matter the industry however, Galooli can help service providers and other enterprises the capability to save millions on fuel usage and focus on optimizing alternative energy sources. It’s time to hit net zero on those carbon emissions, and keep your energy assets safe, secure, and operating at peak capacity.

Want to effectively manage your connected assets?