Go Solar Power and Galooli Partner to Deliver Energy Efficiency for Commercial and Residential Deployments

Go Solar Power LLC, a Service Experts Company, announces its partnership with Galooli, a leading provider of remote energy asset analytics and orchestration, to jointly deliver end to end energy efficiency solutions including EV charging, microgrids, and residential solutions. 

Go Solar Power provides solar, battery storage and EV Charger solutions for residential and commercial building owners across 8 states. Go Solar Power focuses on a holistic approach for clients including energy monitoring, consumption analysis, efficiency opportunities, demand changes, roof age, and more, to help customers gain energy independence and cost savings. Utilizing Galooli’s innovative technology, Go Solar Power can now provide cost-efficient remote energy management, logistics, and professional monitoring services to its customers, using the easy-to-use software platform that maximizes the efficiency and life cycle of existing and new sustainable energy infrastructure.

“Our mantra is ‘Reduce, Produce, Store, and Manage’. Galooli helps achieve our goal for clients to better manage energy usage, create efficiency gains, and ultimately save the client more money.” said Courtland Weisleder, President of Go Solar Power. “Decarbonization and achieving Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals is paramount in today’s commercial building environment, the EMaaS solution and analytics reduce energy costs and carbon footprints while also supporting seamless migrations to renewable energy assets.”

Galooli has developed advanced software solutions that enable continuous and efficient management of remote energy infrastructure. Galooli provides a full range of customer-centric solutions that empower customers to make data-driven decisions to increase productivity and efficiency, and reduce operational costs for energy assets like Energy Storage Systems (ESS), power generators, solar inverters, Electronic Vehicle (EV) chargers, and HVAC systems.

“With our help, customers regularly reduce their Greenhouse Gas emissions at a rate of 10 percent every year,” added David LeClaire, senior vice president of Galooli. “Energy assets require careful management after they are installed to maintain their efficiency and service resilience. Our single, smart, integrated platform will help Go Solar Power provide a turnkey energy solution to their customers, allowing them to monitor the entire energy ecosystem. We are already seeing the benefits of our new relationship and look forward to expanding the base of customers we can serve together.”

Go Solar Power and its parent company, Service Experts LLC, are in well over 2,500 homes and businesses each day, and together have a rich history of servicing North America with state-of-the-art solutions and services.

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