Data Center Revelations - Overcoming Visibility and Energy Obstacles


Data centers and edge data centers are critical infrastructure for recording, transferring, storing, and analyzing data from remote connected machinery and assets. For these facilities, consistent HVAC and energy use is paramount for their effective operations. One of the biggest determining factors is if these sites have uninterrupted grid access.

Frequently, edge and centralized data centers operate with inefficient space and cooling management, leading to energy and capital waste. Moreover, in areas where grid access is interrupted periodically, these data centers operate with frequent continuity problems and service blackouts.

The Customer and Their Challenges 

A customer operating a collection of data centers in North Africa was having frequent performance issues due to frequent downtime of their facility, due to local erratic grid supply. Moreover, they had no way of knowing in real-time when these outages were occurring without physically being onsite.

As a result, the cause of the downtime was difficult to detect, and the data center’s performance was impacted severely. In addition, increased reliance on alternative power sources like the data center’s generator became a necessity. This meant relying on fuel and refueling more regularly and increasing carbon emissions from byproducts.

Galooli’s Solution 

Galooli’s remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution is capable of providing predictive analytics and modeling, as well as real-time monitoring and control over energy and HVAC assets onsite. It provides data center managers the tools they need to make more insight-based and effective decisions.

Our solution is able to monitor and track live KPIs and other performance metrics, while providing overarching visibility on all of your data center energy assets. A number of tasks traditionally only performed onsite can be controlled from the comfort of our interface, using features like Cut-Through to help sync multiple assets or sites at once.

For generators, our RMM can monitor and reduce power consumption by understanding how the generator is operating and where it can be more efficient. With Galooli’s solution, organizations can enjoy increased generator lifespan, decreased maintenance, reduced emissions, and greater overall OPEX savings.

We also provide live data and monitoring for grid use including the number of phases, voltage per phase, and current per phase.


After implementing Galooli’s RMM solution, the client was able to have a live view of their assets’ performance and ensure they maintain consistent uptime. This was due to our providing the customer with the visibility and remote management capabilities they were lacking, including:

  • Real-time alerts to abnormal events
  • Remote access to the data center’s energy assets like generators, grid, and backup batteries
  • Real-time monitoring of PDUs’ input and output
  • Real time monitoring of HVAC equipment
  • Track power utilization and uptime per energy source
  • Live fuel use and level tracking

After deploying our solution, the client was able to have full real-time visibility of the data center’s energy use and performance. They also received regular updates live regarding voltage, current, KwH, availability, and usage time. In addition, the automation and remote management of a number of operations and processes meant that many necessary site visits and maintenance checks could be performed from afar.

  • Centralized and edge data centers are critical assets for gathering and manipulating data.
  • Often operate inefficiently in terms of heating, cooling, and energy use.
  • Stable and continuous access to electricity is critical to safe data center operations.
  • Facilities in areas with unstable power supply have frequent blackouts and continuity issues.
Galooli’s Solution
  • Use RMM solution to collect data that lets us create analytics and modeling
  • Track and monitor performance KPIs for all energy and HVAC assets
  • Provide live alerts for any malfunctions or errant events
  • Client was provided overarching visibility of their facilities operations, energy use, and any outstanding issues requiring resolution.
  • Several manual tasks requiring onsite presence became automated and remote operated
  • KPIs including KwH, voltage, availability, usage time, and fuel use are now actively tracked
  • Any abnormal events were reported in real-time and dealt with in a timely fashion
  • Trend forecasts helped prevent breakdowns and the operator understand when equipment actually needs maintenance
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