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Boost Microgrid

Collect. Analyze. Optimize

Renewable energy is becoming a mainstream part of energy systems around the world, but solar panels and other renewable sources are only one piece of the puzzle. A modern energy system can include anything from a single off-grid EV charging station all the way up to microgrids with full island capabilities. No matter the size, maintaining the health and efficacy of any of these systems starts with effective oversight and control.

Galooli’s mission is to lead the smart revolution of sustainable operations by supporting our customers in improving their energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. We do so through the optimization, management, live analysis, and monitoring of remote energy assets and facilities. Galooli provides a future-focused cloud software solution for a variety of scenarios across multiple industries, from the busiest metropolitan centers to the most isolated off-grid installations.

What it means to empower your energy use

Commercial & Industrial

Microgrids for large-scale compounds or facilities manage electricity for potentially huge numbers of solar panels, generators, battery systems and more. Just performing routine checks of all of these assets can be a full-time job for workers on the ground.

Remote Sites

A supplementary energy system is constantly making adjustments, and communities rely on the accuracy and reliability of these moment-to-moment controls. Increased oversight combined with detailed planning for predictable heavy loads can further improve resiliency.

EV Charging

EV use is becoming more widespread. Many sites that build localized energy infrastructure will eventually include charging stations. While these chargers often provide comprehensive oversight and reporting on their own operations, they rarely offer seamless integration and overall site visibility.
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Simply smarter: practical asset enhancement

Expand financial horizons

Minimize fuel consumption, grid expenses, site visits, and GHG emissions while maximizing renewable energy production.

Perfect activation timing

Integrate real-world conditions to optimize energy asset activity and maximize the ability to monitor and control them remotely.

Improve real-time data utilization

Enhance the ability to manage assets with holistic integration into the various systems associated with operations maintenance, and billing.

Limit site energy consumption

Conserve energy with the optimization, management, live analysis, and monitoring of remote energy assets.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Optimally utilize renewable energy sources and prevent excess fossil fuel consumption.

Microgrid and Remote Site Optimization

The ultimate solution to remote site access

Galooli’s platform allows you to track, analyze and optimize your remote site and energy asset performance. We supply data and analytics that help you take an evidence-based approach to improving your bottom line. Our solution also lets you control, update and configure assets from afar.

Sound the alarm on anything amiss

Galooli ensures that incidents are promptly handled by providing alerts on anything from site performance and KPIs to malfunctions and chronic inefficiency. Prevent downtime and improve proactive maintenance by setting your own parameters to detect any irregularities.

All-in-one integration and oversight

With Galooli, there's no need to switch between programs and platforms to see different energy assets. Our holistic solution integrates with any and all equipment to provide complete visibility over your entire site, allowing you to analyze and compare their relative performance.

Learn from history and look to the future

Between preset and customizable dashboards, you can track site performance in terms of relative cost along with potential and actualized savings. Chart asset operations over time to build profiles that minimize downtime and maximize overall site efficiency.

Empowering the world’s largest companies

Thousands of businesses using our solutions, some among Fortune 500

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"Galooli provides a critical solution for our business operations. They have directly generated significant sustainable cost savings"
Gordon Porter
Former CEO, American Tower subs
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"Since the deployment of the Galooli system,our OPEX has dropped by 45%"
Adams Nurudeen
Asset and Compliance Manager
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“Galooli, a leading force in the field of RMS, has been able to maintain an excellent standard of quality”
Piergiorgio Balbo
Head of Reserve Power Solutions