Site Management

Remote Management AoT Solution for Connected Sites

Site Management Solution

Creating True Value in a Multi Billion Market

Remote management Analytics of Things solution for your entire eco-system including telecom operations, smart generator and industrial batteries. Using AI technology, Galooli converts big data into practical business intelligence tools, resulting in bottom-line OPEX savings.

Addressing Your Every Need

OPEX Saving

Increasing operational uptime, minimizing theft and vandalism, reducing equipment failure and optimizing energy usage.

Operational Excellence

Displaying automatic alerts, reducing response times, displaying remote real-time visibility, and increasing asset availability.

Culture Shift

Smart data analysis allows for an effective goal setting, objective monitoring, and company culture change.

Converting Big Data into Practical BI Tools

High-end Power Management Solution

  • Tower Control Capabilities
  • Highly Configurable Interface
  • Deep Drill-Down and Filtration
  • Interactive Visual Analytics
Site Management
OPEX Saving
Learn How a Full Remote Management Solution Can Upgrade Your Site's Efficency

Solutions for Your Entire Eco-system

Power Management

Power Management

Tools that enable customers to optimize power consumption and save on operating expenses.

Battery Management

Battery Solution

Management and tracking battery solution provides complete control over the battery health, turning every industrial battery into a smart battery.

Generator Management

Generator Management

AI-driven solution that contributes to increased generator life, efficient generator maintenance, and significant operational savings.

Network operations -solis noc

Network Operations Center

A complete overview of the site parameters enables to manage events and control the site remotely.

Colocation Management

A single integrated platform aggregates energy consumption information of multiple tenants, and offers efficient management and smart billing.


Solar Efficiency

Detailed display shows you the energy distribution of your assets and highlights your operational savings as a result of utilizing Solar panels as part of your power management system.

Always On-Site

Generator Smart Management app screen

Generator Smart Management

AI-driven solution contributes to increased generator life, effortless maintenance, efficient operation and greater operational savings

Battery Tracker+ Solution

Smart monitoring solution, reduces and prevents downtime, optimizes battery life cycle, and offers real-time alarm management 

Fleet & Workforce Management

AI-based solution for remote management of connected vehicle fleets and human resources

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We’re thrilled to announce that the newly developed Galooli SPARTA LIB tracker supports lithium-ion batteries!