Smart Fleet Management

Remote Fleet Management System for Connected Vehicles

Creating Financial Impact with AI Technology

With a distinct focus on maximizing fleet and workforce performance, Galooli’s sophisticated machine learning-based platforms enable businesses to translate multivariate data points into bottom-line financial savings based on the characteristics of their fleet.

Leveraging Vehicle Big Data to Drive Savings

Automotive AoT Solution

Full Coverage of Your Connected Vehicles

Smart Profiling of Groups and Fleets

First-class analysis and smart profiling of vehicle performance vis-a-vis the organization and similar vehicles globally. Each customer, driver, and vehicle gets clear and accurate data.

Agile and Customized Monetization of Data

Big data is converted into tailor-made actionable recommendations. Customers can utilize 70% of the data being collected, analyze real-time reports and turn them into actual money-saving measures.

Intelligence Tools for Fleet Safety & OPEX Savings

AI-based recommendations and advanced BI tools help to improve fleet safety and discipline, reduce the fleet’s fuel consumption by up to 40% and its maintenance costs by up to 20%.

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Key Fleet Data Analytics Tools

Driver identification

Driver Identification

Choose between various driver identification methods (Dallas, RFID cards, numeric keypad, etc.) The driver identification enables to eliminate unauthorized car use by connecting one of the above methods to the immobilizer. Moreover, the driver identification feature can be used to manage the drivers profile. Managers can mobilize and immobilize the vehicle remotely using Galooli software or via direct SMS command.

Driving Behavior

Driving Behavior

Driver behavior module compares and grades drivers and vehicles performance, pointing out causes and implications on organization safety and budget. Integration with Mobileye® ADAS also gives detailed insights about drivers’ conduct on-the-go. Use Galooli’s solution to track and reduce aggressive driving behavior.

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking & Management

Track your assets’ location and status in real-time, filter your display by fleets and groups, colors and region. Set geo-locations either as POI or a Geo-fence, be notified whenever the driver leaves or enters these locations.

Fuel efficiency demo

Fuel Efficiency

Unique fuel algorithm enables fuel usage analytics, as well as real-time behavior. Obtain a comprehensive breakdown of fuel cycle: consumption rate, refueling, fuel drop events and general fuel trends. Make better decisions on fuel economy, prevent fraud and reduce fuel cost dramatically. Galooli can save you up to 40% on fuel cost by improving your fuel analysis behavior.

Operational Efficiency

Vehicle Operations

Top-of-the-line operational dashboard provides you with detailed information about the utilization of your fleet compared to the distance traveled, idling and engine running hours, all in one place. Furthermore, you get an accurate data on the performance of each vehicle in comparison to other vehicles in the fleet.

Vehicle maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance

BI insights help to troubleshoot and predict mechanical faults with precision that lets you know when your vehicle needs your attention. Using Galooli’s solution can reduce your company’s maintenance and repair costs by up to 20%.

Always in Control

Fleet Management On-the-Go

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What Our Clients Say

"Galooli’s product enables for paramount fuel monitoring and has helped us a lot in keeping a close eye on our fuel consumption."
Faizal Jeraj
Head of the Property Services Department, Diamond Trust Bank, Kenya
"Working with Galooli has been an outstanding experience for us. Galooli’s customizable solution has saved 68.9% of fuel for our customers."
Frances Ogujawa
CI Tracks Telematics Solutions
“Galooli’s AoT solution places Avis Israel at the forefront of automotive innovation and enables us to maximize our operational efficiency and elevate our value to customers.”
Asher Elmoznino
CFO, Avis Israel
"Galooli’s solutions give our clients confidence and value in their investment. We use it to develop and enhance customers’ inhouse applications."
Banjo Olajude
Sattrak Services

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