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Galooli’s 2023 in Review

As we look back on another successful year at Galooli, we are proud to be leading the energy services industry forward. 

We have taken our platform to a higher level with the dedicated efforts of our team around the globe and added some great features to enhance the user experience and provide even greater value to our customers.  

In addition to a complete transition to web and mobile, Galooli has enhanced automation capabilities, made its platform more flexible, and expanded its agnostic capabilities. 

2023 Highlights

Web & Mobile

Our Galooli Panorama web-based platform and Galooli Mobile App make it easier to see your entire remote site network and energy assets, now with ready-made reports library and an Analytics Center where you can view all your analysis tools at once.

Organizational Control

Review remote site settings and configurations compared to your organization's KPIs, identify problematic sites, and adjust them remotely.

AI-Based analytics

With stronger-than-ever analytical capability, our system learns usage patterns and identifies abnormalities so our users can get AI generated predictions of maintenance site visits and customized alarms.


As our system gets more flexible, users can create personalized views of their data to gain valuable insights that suit their organization.

Agnostic Capabilities

Galooli has expanded its agnostic capabilities and integrations, which allows us to be more flexible and compatible with the needs of our clients.


Use code to automate workflows tailored to your organization's assets and needs, or even choose from our ready-made automation codes for various use-cases.

What’s Coming in 2024

In the coming year, we’re excited to focus on two key areas: enhancing user experience and implementing AI-powered analytics. We’ve already begun making progress on these initiatives, so stay tuned for exciting updates! 

AI-Based Analytics Enhancement​

Intelligent NOC ​​

Grouping tickets, create tickets based on summary trends​

Sites Visits Scheduler​

Based on predicted requirements for visits​

Renewables Oracle​

AI-based solar analytics for solar panels maintenance planning​

Sites Clustering ​

Performance AI-based score​

Battery Discharge Time​

Estimated discharge time based on battery and load parameters​

Improved User Experience​

Generate Value More Easily​

Integrate reports and dashboards templates​

Trend View​

Add trends to the live display and mobile app​

Automatic Insights​

Automatically generate client-specific reports​

Upgrade your remote monitoring and management
with these incredible tools!