Making the world of telecommunication smarter, greener, and more efficient

Operate, monitor, and manage your assets from a distance

Maximizing performances

Energy utilization

Remote scheduling, management, and monitoring of passive equipment, such as batteries, generators, and solar panels, by AI technology, and
predictive analytics.

Site uptime

Productivity maximization that results with minimal
energy loss, power drops, technical malfunctions, service disruptions, and regulatory fines.


Maximum utilization of renewable energy. Prevention of unnecessary consumption of fossil fuels, carbon emission, and
environmental impact.

Predictive Analytics and Cutting-Edge IIoT

Big data & analytics

Diagnostics of past-activity, real-time data, and predictive analytics that enable users to make evidence-based solutions and maximize OPEX savings.  

> 0 B
Data points collected daily
~ 1000 GWh
Monitored annually​
~ 1000 %
Utilization of solar energy

Remote monitoring & control

Web-based Remote Management Solutions (RMS) including various reports and dashboards, that provide sites’ operators full control of their assets from everywhere, anytime

Machine learning to maximize solar power

Full control, synchronization, and analysis of multiple on-site energy sources by AI technology that accounts to fixed and changing conditions such as the weather, and technical malfunctions.

Upgrade Your Energy Assets' Efficiency and Maximize Performance