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Galooli offers a remote management & energy efficacy Analytics of Things solution for a variety of energy-producing assets including connected vehicles, power sites, batteries, and generators.

Yes, Galooli’s solution offers an all-in-one integrated platform that allows you to manage all your connected assets in one place.

Galooli’s main offering is an advanced SaaS solution with an emphasis on remote management and OPEX saving capabilities. Galooli’s platform can connect to a wide variety of the most used IoT units in the market. In addition, Galooli offers IoT units that were designed and configured in-house to ensure you can begin experiencing the benefits of our platform quickly and easily.

Galooli offers a wide range of IoT units with varying degrees of complexity. From Plug N Play IoT units designed for quick installation to full RMS IoT units designed to connect to external accessories including fuel sensors, ADAS devices and more. Our highly skilled team of technicians and support engineers are available to assist you with integrating any unit type to your assets.

Galooli’s solution offers applications that are designed for numerous platforms including desktop, browser and mobile applications.

Galooli’s solution offers several methods of fuel measurement. In mobile IoT units, fuel data can be read directly from the engine’s computer, from pulses sent from the vehicle’s sender wire or via connection to a capacity sensor attached to the vehicle’s fuel tank. Stationary IoT units, such as generators, can be connected to a pressure sensor offering accurate, real-time fuel data.

Yes, all our IoT units are compatible with GPS and GSM capabilities providing real-time display, accurate and complete data of the asset’s location, performance, and status.

Yes, Galooli’s mobile applications are designed for mobile vehicles, generators, and batteries and offer location and performance data from your handset. Always with you, on-the-go. 

Galooli’s ZON MAX platform which offers full tracking, management and analysis capabilities can be easily installed from the following link: 

Yes, Galooli is fully GDPR compliant and abides by all GDPR rules and requirements.

Yes, Galooli is certified for both ISO 9001 (quality assurance) and ISO 27001 (information security).

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