How Much Can You Save by Ensuring Good Driver Behavior?

As a fleet operator, ensuring good driver behavior can save you up to 20 percent of operational costs spent on fuel annually. 

The most reliable way to do so is by analyzing the data from your vehicles and making realistic assessments about your drivers and their behavior. Once you gain a clear understanding of where your drivers excel and underperform, you can implement reward programor fixes accordingly.

Case study: Good driver behavioimproves up to 20% fuel efficiency 

Driver A and driver B are within the same group of fleets. They should have similar average safety scores and average fuel efficiencies when travelled along the same route and distance, within the same time-period. However, it is evident that B scores lower in safety and is less fuel-efficient than A.

The graph above shows how good drivers will receive a higher average score (blue bar) together with a higher fuel efficiency (black line) as compared to bad drivers.

Now, we take a closer look at vehicle B. Based on data from the Fuel dashboard, vehicle B consumed a total of 3184.4 liters within a week. With consistent trend that good driver behavior increases fuel efficiency by 20%, B could save 636.88 liters per week.

636.88 liters x US$1.08 x 52 weeks = US$35,767.18
(1 year ~ 52 weeks)

Taking the world average fuel price of US$1.08 per liter, fleet operators could enjoy a total of US$35,767.18 savings annually.

Bear in mind that we are only focusing on one fleet in this example. The amount you save increases with the size of your fleet. Expect to enjoy greater savings with a larger fleet.

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