Case Studies

Cell tower in the distance being reflected on a lake in India with a logo of a Generator superimposed in the bottom right corner

Maximize Site
Backup Energy

Newfound visibility lead to actionable energy performance insights and increased efficiency

Galooli's RMM interface overlaying a data center with server racks in enclosed glass

Optimizing Backup Power Sources

Real-time visibility and alerts established where there was a complete lack of remote capabilities

Cutting Through The Red Tape

Operator saved tens of thousands of dollars fixing this issue alone

Increasing Site Visibility

Nearly 40% of site energy costs can be saved by switching to renewable energy sources

Agnostic Remote

Over $3 million saved on solution-specific hardware and operational costs

Battery Theft

Galooli's GPS tracker: An Immediate Return on Investment (ROI) in less than two months.

Good driving =
Reduced costs

Good driver behavior can save up to 20 percent of operational costs spent on fuel annually

Fleet Manager's
Worst Enemy

The total cost of fuel consumed
due to idling came out to $20,718.66