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Wireless 20|20 and Galooli to Help Service Providers Navigate Energy and Carbon Footprint

Wireless 20|20 and Galooli to Help Service Providers Navigate Energy and Carbon Footprint Reducing Plans Required in New Broadband Funding Submissions

Galooli Ltd. (, a leading provider of energy asset management, monitoring, and analytics software, and Wireless 20|20 (, a broadband network consulting group announced today the two organizations will work together to offer service providers support to develop energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction plans required in new broadband funding submissions.

While a focus on energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint has become strategic priorities for many within the telecom industry, quantifying these efficiencies is poised to become a requirement. This is especially true for those applying for various forms of Federal broadband grants and low-interest loans designed to establish and improve broadband capabilities across the United States.

The recently signed Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) places energy efficiency at a strategic imperative and it will have a significant impact across many industries and communities across the United States. Part of the IRA’s objectives is to invest in rural communities by expanding access to clean energy and energy efficiency upgrades. Its intention is to boost long-term resiliency and reliability, while expanding rural opportunities in the clean energy economy. The law will provide hundreds of billions of dollars into efficiency and green energy from the grid to industrial scale microgrids, including telecom and datacom operations.

“Telecom operators already account for an estimated 3 percent or more of the total global energy demand just for fixed fiber and wireless broadband communications, while data center operations probably require double that energy,” said Berge Ayvazian, Senior Analyst and Consultant at Wireless 20|20. “Several of our customers that we help with broadband service grants have already begun programs to enhance their energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint because it’s operationally and ethically good for business. Now, fully documenting this reduction will become a requirement for existing and new federal funds and grants, and together with Galooli we are fully prepared to support how to address these requirements.”

“All broadband service providers require a variety of energy assets, such as batteries, generators, the grid, and renewable energy sources such as solar,” explained David LeClaire, Executive Vice President of North America at Galooli Ltd. “By monitoring and analyzing the metadata, Galooli can help service providers reduce energy costs, eliminate needless truck rolls, and gain a variety of real-time insight to reducing costs and document carbon footprint reductions. For any type of fixed service provider looking for Federal broadband assistance, Galooli can help ensure systems operate as energy efficiently as possible and provide the required documentation to verify compliance.”

For broadband providers of all types, the US Department of Commerce and the US Department of Agriculture are key to helping fund rural broadband deployments. The USDA’s ReConnect program provides loans and grants for the cost of construction, improvement, or acquisition of facilities, and equipment needed to provide broadband service in eligible rural areas. Recently, the USDA was allotted $1.9 billion for Round 4 of the ReConnect program in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). Likewise in May, the US Department of Commerce National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) launched the Broadband Equity Access and Deployment (BEAD) program. BEAD is the first step in making $42.5 billion in funding available to cover some of costs of bringing high-speed broadband to areas that currently do not have service available. Whether service providers are seeking funding for a new program funded through the IRA or an existing broadband funding program listed above, all submissions need to include energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction plans and documentation.

Whether a fixed or wireless broadband service provider, resiliency is paramount to their service offerings. Virtually all systems, whether in remote huts, on rough tops, in central offices or on towers, utilize some sort of combination of backup batteries, generators, and solar power to ensure uninterrupted power. For areas where the grid is less reliable or nonexistent, all these assets may be required. Whatever the combination of energy assets, Galooli collects and analyzes all metadata and ensures they operate together, holistically and most efficiently enabling real-time monitoring to provide energy asset lifecycle management while eliminating unnecessary operations including truck roles. This can range from generators operating under load, batteries charging improperly, or even fuel theft. Often this energy insight will identify single sites that are causing massive drains on energy or identify which assets are performing efficiently or inefficiently.

Wireless 20|20’s WiROI™ db Geospatial SaaS Platform is a portfolio of software tools to help operators and their investors select the best places to deploy fiber and wireless broadband networks. The combination of their tools and consulting services helps service providers identify unserved areas, calculate the cost to deploy fiber and wireless broadband, and quickly perform ROI analyses on thousands of clusters and millions of locations using AI and big data analytics. This new partnership between Galooli and Wireless 20|20 will greatly simplify a service providers’ ability to meet the new energy efficiency and carbon footprint requirements to expand their broadband services.

About Wireless 20|20

Wireless 20|20 is a consulting firm focused on wired and wireless broadband markets. Wireless 20|20 has helped over 180 broadband operators worldwide build business cases, analyze market opportunities, complete technology and vendor selections, and develop network rollout strategies. The principals have been engaged in the broadband wireless industry since its inception and have a thorough understanding of the technical, business, and product issues surrounding the development of wireless devices, equipment, networks, and services. More information is available at:

About Galooli

Founded in 2009, Galooli provides energy asset management, monitoring, and analytics software for energy management optimization to thousands of customers across five continents. Galooli’s customers span a variety of business and industries across telecommunications, data centers, tower owners, mobile and fixed wireless providers, microgrid developers, and other smart energy infrastructure. Harvesting and analyzing metadata from over 2 billion energy asset endpoints each day, Galooli reduces its customer’s energy costs and carbon footprint, while streamlining operations and ensuring sustainability. For more information visit


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