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System Performance Tuning Tool

Taking on new technology is an integral part of advancing your business in the modern world, but it can be a challenging process.

Our partners already have access to an immense amount of data, letting them derive meaningful insights and significant cost savings from their asset performance. We’re constantly working to improve our transparency and clarity so they can continue to get incredible value from remote asset monitoring and management.

Now, Galooli is offering an amazing service that smooths over the learning curve and lets our established partners have even greater visibility of our integration into their systems.

For more detailed information on the content of the report, check out our knowledge base.

A new way to audit system integration

The Performance Tuning Tool offers managers a simple way to access telemetry data that tells them exactly how well-integrated our energy monitoring and management solution is. With just a few clicks, users receive a detailed report of metrics selected to tell the story of the success or challenges of the installation process. The report also reveals important details about the effectiveness of the alert system configuration.

With this information, you can identify which sites or assets have the weakest performance and determine what kind of errors to look for before sending someone to investigate in person.

The PTR is divided into four sections that outline the different aspects of how the system integration is set up:


In order to organize and run your assets effectively, you first have to know exactly how many units and assets you’re dealing with.

This section gives a very straightforward overview of the tree structure of units installed in your assets. It includes the active, non-chargeable, and test units, as well as the number of clusters and groups of units as designated by the customer.

Solution Availability

The connectivity metrics found here reflect the data found in our advanced Availability dashboard as well as several summary reports, conveniently selected and sorted to give an overview of the overall uptime of Galooli units.

You can see the up-to-date cumulative total of time disconnected from the most unstable units in the thirty days prior to the report’s creation. The actual report includes the top 50 units with the highest disconnection rates, and the full list of units and details is available in our report system.

You can also identify sites that are overshooting the standard transmission count. Excessive transmission noise can distract operators from identifying real, urgent problems and even incur excess costs for businesses relying on cellular alerts.

By identifying disruptions in uptime, managers can assess the impact of local power instability as well as distinguish between specific and widespread equipment failure.

System Usage

Here, you’ll find almost everything you need to know about how employees are accessing Galooli systems.

System usage tells you exactly what you’ve been up to; not only the number of notifications, system logins, and reports issued, but also a breakdown of these numbers by type and frequency.

This information can also show how well you’re utilizing the notifications from various tools. With several options to choose from, it’s important to understand what communication platforms are most effective for your enterprise.

Technical Configuration

Finally, the last section lists units that are giving off responses which indicate one of several common problems. Each unit that shows up here includes the specific type of installation issue and is further broken down by unit type into Site, Battery, and Fleet.

The unit types are further divided into lists of units facing specific issues that need to be addressed. This section is a quick and easy way to discover critical installation errors.

With the help of all four of these unit information summaries, managers can quickly assess their site’s data reporting accuracy, validity, and clarity.

Looking towards the future with Galooli

At Galooli, we’re always looking for ways to improve customer experience. We have the most effective remote monitoring and management software, and we want our customers to take full advantage of the resources we provide.

With this new reporting feature, it’s easier than ever to stay on top of the real-world challenges brought by dealing with new and advanced technology. Whether it’s due to a botched installation or genuine malfunction, it’s simply a matter of identifying the challenge and having the right resources to resolve the issue.

The Performance Tuning Tool is a simple way to summarize those immediate system maintenance needs. Making sure that our solution is fully integrated and your value is absolutely maximized has never been easier.

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