Reveal Your Carbon Footprint with Galooli’s Sustainability Module

Galooli is passionate about our aim to provide our customers and the planet with a greener, more sustainable future. From industrial facilities to data centers, telecom base stations and fleets, we help our customers maximize their energy efficiency, while minimizing energy waste and their carbon footprint. In 2021 alone, we were able to help them reduce their annual carbon emissions by over 10%!

By current figures, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector could comprise up to 4% of the world’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. If you take into account the industrial and transportation fields, that number jumps to 71% of global emissionsWe are committed to providing our customers with solutions that offer in-depth, performance-based insights that can be implemented with immediate effect.

Industrial IoT under the microscope

Many large B2B organizations track some part their carbon footprint for regulatory and more recently, sustainability purposes. It’s no surprise that one of the largest overhead costs of running telecom sites is energy. Moreover, up to 70% of energy is wasted through various machinery and devices running unnecessarily while the site is idle.

The same is often true with data centers, with inefficient HVAC operations frequently causing wasted energy and rising operating costs. However, this is not the only consequence of inefficient operations. The wasted energy also produces additional GHG. These byproducts damage the surrounding environment and cause short- and long-term damage on a level we oftentimes can’t even see.

Organizations today have set energy and sustainability targets to ensure they maximize their efficiency and stop wasting OPEX on unnecessary energy use. This also translates to reduced carbon emissions and an improved overall footprint. This still leaves the question of how you can track and display your remote assets’ performance?

Animated visualization of Galooli's Sustainability Dashboard as it tracks your carbon KPIs

It’s time to reveal your carbon performance

Galooli has provided the answer with our new Sustainability Module. We have taken our carbon emissions tracking for remote sites and brought those capabilities several steps forward.

Now, companies can track their overall greenhouse gas emissions, and in the case of solar panel use, how much they saved each site on carbon emissions. Site emissions performance can be tracked over time, and sites can be compared, and problematic ones identified. We can also track the GHG emissions per unit of energy used, and breakdown those emission by Scope 1 and 2 by source.

Galooli also provides our customers with the visibility and control over their remote assets, and significantly reduce the need to be onsite to mitigate problems. This will eliminate the need to be onsite to diagnose and remedy several frequent issues and reduce emissions by removing the need for onsite technicians and travel.

Our solution improves asset durability and longevity, while minimizing our customers operational costs when it comes to maintenance and wasted energy. Our live alerts provide real-time updates to any errant activity like excessive emissions or energy use from a particular asset or site.

It is time to open full visibility over your GHG emissions for your remote infrastructure and start maximizing your GHG and operational costs savings with Galooli.

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