See Through Your Configuration Issues with Galooli X-Ray

New feature Galooli X-Ray

It’s time to have direct access to your remote assets’ inner workings, without needing to be physically onsite to see them.

What’s the problem?

Misconfigurations are one of the leading causes of security breaches and continuity losses for B2B organizations. Over 90% of breaches of cloud-managed infrastructure and assets were traced back to misconfigurations, making this issue a costly one.

At Galooli, we understand that the risks stemming from misconfigurations go far beyond just security considerations. Remote assets that operate with misconfigured settings can cause significant energy inefficiency and decreased durability for machinery onsite.

What’s the Risk?

Malfunctions due to misconfigurations or out-of-date firmware in remote energy assets can cause extended outages until the problem can be remedied. When these assets are in increasingly remote areas, it makes remedying these issues after the fact significantly work and cost-intensive. This extends the duration of outages many times and precipitously drives up the cost of fixing these issues.

These inefficiencies can also produce significantly higher carbon emissions and often fossil fuel reliance due to asset mismanagement. This leads to higher OPEX costs, increased frequency of maintenance, and more frequent replacement of machinery and assets onsite.

The cost of these outages can jump to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, so making sure your equipment is up to date and in sync is critical. Fortunately, Galooli has come up with a novel product that will provide you with visibility and regular reports on the status of your devices’ configurations and firmware.

The Solution – Galooli X-Ray

Galooli X-Ray gives you a look inside your access controls and personal preferences and preemptively detect potential conflicts or misconfigurations. It allows clients to retrieve a selection of settings, properties, and parameters relating to the connected devices in use according to their needs.

By receiving daily samplings of your settings and defining thresholds for outdated or wrong settings and firmware, you can ensure your remote assets are in sync and up to date. This will prevent potential security risks, operational malfunctions, or inefficiencies relating to outdated software or settings.

What’s the Risk?

It’s great to have visibility on your assets and regular updates on their status, but what about making changes or updates remotely? Our Cut-Through feature can take any potential detected misconfigurations and sync all of the affected hardware and sites, all from within our platform.

In this way, you don’t have to visit each affected site to perform the proper updates. This will save site operators in travel, onsite visits, fuel costs, and maintenance. Cut-Through can also speed up the remediation process from weeks or months to mere hours. All of this adds up to reduced OPEX, improved visibility, and safer, up-to-date remote assets.

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