Looking Backward, Thinking Forward – Galooli’s Year-in-Review

Do you remember the days when driving to the office or having an inperson talk with a customer, employee or a supervisor was part of your daily routine? The COVID pandemic, which emerged into our lives just a few months ago, makes such activities seem like a distant memoryUnder the circumstances, the need to communicate and function remotely as normally as possible has become urgent for many industries.

Like thousands of other businesses worldwide, we at Galooli were also forced to make several organizational changes. As challenging as these times are, however, 2020 has been one of the most productive and vibrant years in the history of the companyAfter all, remote management is what we specialize in.  

Our services allow tens of thousands of subscribers in five continents to run, track, and monitor their connected assets as normally as ever. As 2021 is fast approaching, we thought it would be a good time to publicly acknowledge some of the significant improvements we’ve added to our systems.

Following is just a handful of examples that go beyond several new dashboards and features that make our platforms as effective and friendlyuser than everNo wonder that some leading battery manufactures such as Enersys, NorthStar, Polarium, and Fiamm have chosen to integrate our solutions into their products.  

Ciao Corona – Welcome Elara

Galooli Product and R&D Divisions have been working hand in hand on several exciting projects. The timing of one such project could not have been any better. Is there a more symbolic time to say goodbye to Corona than 2020? This time we don’t mean COVID19, but rather the Corona TR7Z – the 2015 designed controller that allows remote analytics and automation of stationary assets by Galooli cloud servers.  

Galooli's ELARA RTU Module

We’ve recently introduced the Elara—a revolutionary remote terminal unit (RTU) that replaces the “old” Corona. When I asked our CTO to characterize the Elara in a sentence, he kindly asked me to schedule a two-hour meeting. There are just too many differences that set the Elara apart from the Corona.

In a nutshell, the Elara is smaller, stronger, and far more sophisticated than the Corona. Among other things, it supports Bluetooth and advanced cellular networks, including 2, 3 and 4G. Also, its integrations to external sensors and peripherals are characterized by a Drag & Drop concept, which allows an easy Plug & Play installationWhile numerous 2G Corona units continue to provide outstanding services around the world, we and our loyal customers seek to replace them by Elaras.   

Webspace Time

An additional process Galooli began pushing forward in 2020 is the transition to a fully web and space-based platform. Just prior to writing this blog, our Marketing Manager asked me to avoid peacock terms, and adjectives that might sound like disproportional exaggerations, to which I agreedHaving said that, the transition we have made toward a full fleet management web solution is nothing short of a revolution, which takes our systems to a whole new service level.  

Galooli's Fleet Space Dashboard circa 2020

As part of the process, we launched a new Customer Portal that allows managers to easily customize their personal interface, whenever it works best for them. Other than being beautifully designed and easy to navigate, the portal provides users full control of any aspect of the system, from billing, to Customer Apps, to API Market Place.

 This means, among other things, that valued customers can now easily get applications designed for their specific needs, and those of their end-users. Also, the API Market Place constitutes a fast track for integrating existing systems into Galooli cloud-based servers.

An additional exciting new service is the Galooli Online Store, which provides a fast and easy way to place orders, get discounts and special offers. Completing an order is now a few clicks away 

Oh yes, walmost forgot to mention a few other “minor” details. 

In previous months Galooli systems have demonstrated time and again how valuable they have been for our customers. Our predictive analytics and smart monitoring platforms saved them hundreds of millions of dollarsThey increased operational efficiency, prevented fraud, and helped retrieve stolen assets by utilizing AI based technology, and green energy. 

Simple, Accurate, Transparent

As part of Galooli’s Transparency Policy we’ve also began to circulate Monthly Usability Reports that inform valued customers about specific groups, fleets and units, which consume extensive resources that could be easily saved. As always, we’re committed to accuracy, simplicity, and of course maximization of safety and OPEX savings.  

2020 is a year that will live in infamy. “Thanks” to COVID, people will talk about it to their children and grandchildren. We at Galooli will also remember it thanks to some exciting technological breakthroughs we’ve been able to accomplish. 2020 – it’s time to say goodbye. We look forward to sharing with the world a new line of products in 2021.   

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