Generator Maintenance: Smart and Simple

Generator with Galooli's Generator Maintenance Dashboard in the foreground

Effective use of generators is a crucial factor in smooth and productive energy management of hybrid and telecom sites.

Galooli works tirelessly on developing software and hardware that optimize generator activity, and associated operational expenditures. This is part of our vision to make energy management smarter, more efficient, and more evidence-based. 

In 2020, we launchedElara: our most advanced Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) for management, monitoring, and controlling stationary assets such as generators. Elara is agnostic by nature meaning that it can easily connect to different devices and make them speak the same telemetric language.

Today, we’re excited to launch our Maintenance Report, which is available for users on Galooli Spaces. The new report makes the planning of on-site visits for generator maintenance as easy, accurate, and economical as possible. 

It informs maintenance managers ahead of time that generators require maintenance, and helps them set the most appropriate time for on-site visits. These reports can also identify instances where generators are overused, or kept running when not needed, 

The timing procedure is based on the analysis of real-time data, and past activity of each generator. The report, therefore, prevents unnecessary maintenance visits and misuse of excessive human and mechanical resources. In short, it helps managers to saves time, money, and potential errors. 


The new Maintenance Report is the most recent addition to the variety of Galooli products that increase users’ ability to manage and control generator remotelyMore specifically, the report allows our clients to monitor the activity of generators and predict the proper time for the next maintenance check-up. The scheduling process is based on analysis of real-time and historical data.”    May Weissman, Galooli Product Manager  

The new Maintenance Reports is one of many means Galooli develops for remote management of connected units and energy sources. Our products and services are not just about increasing CAPEX and OPEX savings. They are also about a series of environmental concerns. They seek to decrease fossil fuel consumption and make technology as sustainable as possible.  

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