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Galooli Nigeria Unveils New Data On RMS

telecommunications tower, bottom view. look up under the tower of cellular communication
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Data is life. While that slogan has been attributed to a certain telecoms company that operates in Nigeria, it does not water down the validity of the statement, and in this age of light speed technology, data is everything. For an organization like Galooli Nigeria, experts in Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS), they focus on solutions that allow for remote monitoring of power and energy products. Data is their business, and they bend technology to their will to supply people with the data that they need.

On Saturday, June 15, Galooli Nigeria, currently operational in about 30 countries of the world gathered a few stakeholders in the industry and their partners at the Cumberland Hotel, V/I for a session to intimate their partners with what fresh data services their organization has to offer.

Speaking at the event with Saturday INDEPENDENT, Nissim Moshe, CEO, Galooli Nigeria said in respect to the monitoring the gadgets and devices that supply power that, “Generators are lifeline for any business in Nigeria, people that do not have generators will not have energy. We just make sure that when they use their generators, they are using it efficiently.”

Moshe also cited an example involving telecommunication companies. He said, “Galooli works with telecoms sites and they require energy, and if there is no energy the site will go down and people won’t have cell phone coverage. So it is important for the telecoms company to also provide generators on-site to supply energy. Also, while Galooli concentrates more on bigger companies, it is available for individuals. There is an application you can download on your cell phone that lets you monitor your generator offline when you are away from it.”

On alternative power in Nigeria, he opined that “Nigeria does not have an incentive for solar, and unfortunately until we come to that we can’t have renewable energy.”

On his part, Festus Agbonifo, Sales Director/ Business Management for Nigeria and West Africa operations for Galooli Nigeria stated that “the biggest issue on generating power in Nigeria is the willpower by the government to take that decision to provide power for its citizenry. It’s not rocket science; we have been at this for so long that every facet of life is dependent on power availability. I dare to say that if as a nation we prioritize power availability, the growth we are looking for will come. Forget the politicking, it’s just the willpower from the government’s side to create that enabling environment for proper power plants to be set up.”

On Galooli’s latest technology, Agbonifo explained that “We are experts in providing data to the end-user on why they have power and why they don’t have power, and what has become clear is that power availability in Nigeria is about 25% to 30% in a country that is fully dependent on power. It is important to track power and its availability. It may not be a big deal for the average Nigerian, but for every business, the amount that they pour into ensuring power availability is massive. We provide visibility on how much you are losing out and how much you actually require. Galooli provides power consumers with data to make quality decisions on the actual consumption of power. We partner with other renewable energy companies like the backup systems and all of that. We are that auditing system that checks that you get value for what you pay for.”