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Galooli Nigeria, Pan African Towers, A Synergy For Solution

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On Wednesday, July 3, Galooli Nigeria signed on Pan African Towers as part of its partners to which it delivers data solutions through its remote monitoring systems (RMS). In this age of light-speed technology and faster data delivery systems, Galooli Nigeria is a leading innovator of end-to-end solutions for remote asset performance management, with a consistent track record of global growth and innovation by providing customer‑centric solutions, tailored to the specific needs of each industry. In attendance at the event were Nissim Moshe, CEO Galooli Nigeria; Leehu Hacohen, GCEO Galooli Power; Festus Agbonifo, Director of Sales and Business Development Galooli Nigeria; Wole Abu, CEO Pan African Towers (PAT); Festus Ayodele Adefiranye, Chairman, Simidebis International Ltd; among others. Speaking at the signing which took place in Lekki, Lagos, Agbonifo explained that what you cannot see, you cannot manage, and when they decided to be the best RMS provider, they factored in the fact that Nigeria is a very volatile environment.”We know what it means to have a power failure and invest so much on diesel. Start-off businesses would have issues around investing and sustaining power, and we want to ensure that for every business sector we are there reducing the capital expenditure, which is centered around providing and supplying power to those businesses,” he said. Moshe buttressed the point by stating that the organization aims to supply data that makes a difference. Commenting on Galooli’s solutions made possible by technology, Adefiranye of Simidebis explained that “RMS is viable because of the power problems in Nigeria. In Nigeria now, I don’t think we have up to 40% power, so this is very viable. In Cameroon, where they even have up to 90% power supply, they still consider RMS as very important because they want to manage, monitor their power. They want to sit in the office and ensure that everything is going on well. The major cost in the telecom industry is power, but if you are able to manage all these things effectively, you will be able to bring down your overhead.” On his part, Hacohen shared that “part of the objective of the RMS is to increase security. Like having trackers and other devices that should be integrated into the solutions in order to enable the client to earn both the visibility of what is going on in his site because what you cannot see, you cannot manage. On the other hand, to increase the security of the hardware in the site itself is obviously a problem, but ever good RMS needs to take care of it among other things.” An elated Wole Abu stated that the signing is a milestone for PAT. “We’ve always wanted to have telemetry and good visibility into what happens in the field, which is an integral part of managing operations for a tower company to have very good and reliable systems on the field that monitor our power availability, which is a huge cost for us. Partnering with a company like Galooli that has some good reputation is a milestone for us, it validates what we’ve always said that we would grow our business by partnering with the right people, who have the right product, at the right price, so that we can all offer good products to Nigeria and all our markets,” he said.