Galooli Nigeria Announces Latest Monitoring Technology At Breakfast Meeting

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What would you do if from the comfort of your bedroom, or from your desk, you could tell when your generator would develop a fault or need more fuel with the help of smart technology you can access online? I know that would save a whole lot of headaches and sudden expenses. This technology was explained to stakeholders and customers of Galooli Advanced Solutions, Nigeria at a breakfast meeting, which held on Thursday, January 24 at Four Points by Sheraton, Lagos.

Speaking to On Social Media, Ronen Barel, CEO, Galooli Group, who was excited to be in Nigeria, shared that they have their biggest business globally here in Nigeria, explained that “Galooli deals with operation and expense saving for businesses mainly, and we do artificial intelligence-based telematics for physical assets and we have two divisions: one on the automotive part and the second, Galooli power where we deal with energy management on telecom sites, backup power, generators, batteries, and other things. Everything that we do is to remotely analyze data that we collect from remote assets and provide our customers with conclusions and recommendations to whatever they need to do in order to save money.

“Nigeria was one of our first countries, we started in 2009 with local partnerships. Three years ago, we established our own company to assist our local partners to expand the business here. So we have several partners that we work with because we believe in this country. Nigeria’s market is really large, but it’s very challenging because of some economic situations that happened in the recent years, but my personal belief is that wherever you have a challenge, you have an opportunity. In Nigeria, we have about 10,000 consumers using our solutions for their cars.”

Nissim Moshe, CEO of Galooli Nigeria, further explained that “Galooli started off in 2016 for the telecoms sites of one of our big customers, and since then we have grown with a bigger customer base. All the operations are in Nigeria, and we have 82 people working for Galooli Nigeria. We are spread in regions, so we cover all of Nigeria to give proper services to our customers.”

Moshe further shared that “Galooli is not just a monitoring company. We don’t only monitor assets, we analyze the data to give you points where you can save. In a generator, for example, you spend on fuel and maintenance. So if I give you information ahead of time that the generator will fail in some hours, you can take precautions to repair it and save money. If there is a fuel drop and someone steals 20 or 30 liters, you are aware and can save on that. Last year, we saved more than 6 million liters of fuel for one of our corporate customers, just by showing them that the fuel in the site was stolen. It can be done for residents and property management.” Festus Agbonifo, Director of Sales, Galooli Nigeria also added to this.