Galooli and Energy Vision Partner to Provide Industry-Leading SaaS Energy Monitoring Solutions

Galooli, a leading provider of energy asset management, monitoring, and analytics software; and Energy Vision, a leading renewable energy service company (RESCO) servicing telecom operators and tower management companies, today announced that it has integrated Galooli’s cloud-based software into its energy service solution which is already deployed across hundreds of remote facilities.

Energy Vision, a world-leading Energy Service Company (ESCO), was founded in 2014 to supply Green Energy for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Tower Management Companies (TOWERCOs), mainly in Africa and Asia. Energy Vision’s services are based on Green Solutions and all its components are sourced from top tier1 vendors.  Hundreds of remote facilities managed by Energy Vision have already been optimized using the Galooli software and this is expected to turn into thousands of sites in just the next several years.

One of the challenges facing ESCOs is establishing and maintaining real-time, accurate insights of remote energy infrastructure assets to ensure resiliency and consistent operating efficiencies.  By integrating Galooli’s software, Energy Vision can overcome this challenge, reduce operating costs and provide efficient, more transparent, and sustainable services to its customer base.

“To best perform our commitment to our customers for professional service and high availability, with an emphasis on sustainability, we’re partnering, after thorough examinations, only with top-of-the-line equipment & software vendors” said Moshe Shushan, founder, chairman and CEO of Energy Vision.  “Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS) are the essence of service information and systems performance monitoring. Therefore, after a deep evaluation of a few systems, we’ve chosen Galooli as our preferred partner.”

“Energy Vision has developed a solid reputation as a comprehensive leading energy solution provider,” explained Ronen Barel, CEO of Galooli.  “Our partnership is already proven to be successful, and we expect Energy Vision’s market success to significantly broaden across Africa and Asia.  Our goal is to ensure Energy Vision and its customers will receive the highest quality monitoring and data analytics to enable real-time, critical efficiency insights and ensure service resiliency.”

About Energy Vision:

Energy Vision ( was established in Mauritius on 2014 to provide a full suite of energy services to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Tower Management Companies (TowerCos) across Asia & Africa, powering telecom infrastructure where the electric grid is either non-existent or unreliable. Energy Vision, pioneers in the Renewable Energy Services Company (RESCO) business in Africa, founded and led by team of highly experienced telecom and telecom infrastructure professionals with cumulative experience of more than one hundred years in the African telecom market. From business concept all through engineering, deployment, logistics, maintenance & operations, Energy Vision are doing it all within the company and by its own employees. Financially, Energy Vision is backed by prominent institutional investors with multi-billion-USD funds. Energy Vision has clear Corporate Social Responsibility and is ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 certified with a long track record of working according to company, customer, and government regulations.  For more information, visit

About Galooli

Galooli provides cloud-based energy asset management, monitoring and analytics to maximize the efficiency and lifecycle of existing energy assets, reduce carbon footprint, and provide a smooth migration to leveraging new, renewable energy assets. Founded in 2009 and serving thousands of customers across five continents, Galooli has helped operational businesses like tower companies, telecom operators, data centers, and other enterprises across the world to optimize both operating and capital expenses while simultaneously addressing key resiliency and sustainability objectives. The company is compliant with ISO 9001, ISO 27011, and GDPR.  For more information, visit

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