Dai Telecom and Galooli Announce Cooperation

Telecom tower
Dai Telecom Ltd. and Galooli Ltd. today announced cooperation in the area of remote vehicle telematics. The cooperation centers on the integration of Dai Telecom’s Roadstar advanced car phone with Galooli’s remote performance monitoring platform – the ZON Control. This solution enables customers to use hands-free smartphone capabilities in the car along with advanced remote tracking and fleet management solution, using neither extra hardware nor installation. “With this joint approach, the two companies can leverage their existing markets and approach new markets worldwide,” says Yinon Raviv, CEO of Dai Telecom. “With this cooperation, we are deepening our ongoing cooperation of many years in the telematics segment. We see Dai Telecom as a strategic partner to Galooli,” says Ronen Barel, CEO of Galooli. The joint solution is already implemented in several countries and has been accepted in the markets with high levels of positive responsiveness. About the Companies: Dai Telecom is a leading provider of cellular fixed car phones product lines and services for public and private segments. Dai Telecom, established in 2000, is A fully owned subsidiary of Telit Communications PLC (AIM:TCM), headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Dai Telecom clients include mobile telecommunications operators, MVNOs and distributors around the world. Galooli is an Israeli privately held Company established in 2005. Galooli is a leading provider of OPEX savings solutions, through its remote performance, analysis and security technology for remote assets. The company is well based in Africa and Latin America, with global commercial implementations in 22 countries, with over 1,500 end business customers. Galooli’s line of solutions are offered to cell sites, depot tanks, generators, gas tanks, locomotives, heavy machinery, vehicles and more. For more information: Dai Telecom Ltd.
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