Galooli Expands its Business in North America

Map of the globe focused on North America

Galooli has a visionto change the world of energy efficiency management and support our customers in their race to net zero. Our mission—to lead the smart revolution of renewable energy efficiency worldwide—takes us through the gates of North America. Galooli is now amid an ambitious project to deepen its endeavors in the US and Canada.

Since its inception in 2009, Galooli operates on a global scale. Galooli provides energy management services to thousands of customers on five continents and serves various industries –especially telecom networks, industrial power, and renewable energy by monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing energy sources. 

Galooli’s Predictive Analysis and AI technology are differentiating through energy benchmarking and allowing automated control for maximum energy efficiency.  Galooli solutions dramatically increase OPEX and CAPEX savings, maximize uptime, and exceed the highest regulatory standards of greenhouse gas emissions. 

The COVID19 crisis has increased demand for Galooli services. The crisis revealed to many of our existing and new customers the urgent need to increase remote management capacity using Galooli technology. 2021 has been a successful year for Galooli with expected growth to exceed 35%.   

Galooli continues to plant seeds that will scale up our activities in North America. Galooli has recently registered Galooli Inc. as its US subsidiary. Also, Galooli is thrilled and proud to have onboard David LeClaire who joined us in August as our new VP of Sales and Business Development in North America. 

David is an Energetic Sales Professional with experience of thirty years in the telecom and battery markets. He will use his intimate familiarity with the North American market and Galooli’s fields of activity to develop and increase our business in the local market. 

With existing business momentum, customer needs/requirements, and regulatory drivers for net-zero emissions, Galooli is excited to offer its portfolio of services to the North American market and offer value to drive energy efficiencies.

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