We are proud to officially launch our multi-vertical Brochure.

“One of our core values here at Galooli is to offer customers true value, and part of that is to also provide them with eye-opening insights about the true benefits of a smart telematics solution. We strive to equip businesses with the tools to save on operational expenses and increase their bottom line exponentially.”

– Ronen Barel, Galooli CEO

The following brochure showcases the advantages and implications of Telematics in different fields – from mining, construction, and UBI, to motorcycles, marine vessels and more.

Access the Multi Vertical brochure

Additionally, we’ve worked hard on creating multiple documents, each focused on a designated feature (driver behavior, fuel management, preventive maintenance, idling, and more).

Access the User Manuals

For further inquiries and additional materials, please contact us.

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