Remote management solutions for connected vehicles

Galooli’s Geofencing System

Your Borders – Your Control !

Remote Management Solutions for Connected Vehicles!

Galooli’s Geofencing System

Your Borders – Your Control

Simple. Flexible . Accurate.

  • You set the borders   
  • Focus on areas, locations, and routes that you care most about 
  • Silk Route Technology™ 

Quick. Easy. Productive

  • Customized User Interface 
  • Google Maps platform   
  • Maximizing safety, security, and productivity   

Always in Full Control

  • Track and monitor entries and exits to and from designated areas and locations
  • Get real-time alarms about authorized and unauthorized movements
  • Record historical data

Your Data Works for You

Track & Monitor

Get real-time and historical data pertaining to vehicle location and status. Receive automated notifications whenever your vehicle enters or leaves a pre-defined area or location. 

Fuel Analytics

Save gas and money. Get accurate data on fuel consumption and costsMaximize fuel savings and energy utilization. Prevent leakages, theft, and fraud.  

Driver Behavior

Stay safe by cutting-edge technology that prevents accidents, warns against aggressive driving, and improves driving patterns.  

Driver Identification

Prevent unauthorized car use and increase control on your fleet. Make sure you always know who sits behind the wheel.   

Vehicle Operations

Fully utilize your fleet by detailed information pertaining to idling and engine running hours, compared to the distance traveled, all in one place. 

Vehicle Maintenance

know when your vehicle needs your attention.  Troubleshoot and predict mechanical faults by BI insights. 

It’s time to take control of your fleet!