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Energy Management
& Efficiency

Collect. Analyze. Optimize

Galooli’s mission is to lead the smart revolution of sustainable operations by supporting our customers in improving their energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. We do so through the optimization, management, live analysis, and monitoring of their remote energy assets and facilities. Galooli provides a future-focused cloud software solution for multiple industries and use cases from metropolitan centers to remotest installations.

Empower your energy use with leading software solutions

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Reduction in costs
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Reduction in energy losses
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Extended warranty period for equipment
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2021 Metric tons reduction in GHG emissions

Turning assets smarter simply and practically

Dynamic control

Galooli’s algorithms optimize energy sources’ activity and maximize the ability to monitor and control them remotely by integrating fixed and changing factors.

Actionable insights

Galooli provides its users with data, knowledge, and conclusions that enable them to make evidence-based decisions.

Financial horizons

Galooli’s solutions help customers meet KPIs and regulatory constraints, and leverage market conditions to increase profits.

Making the best of real-time data

Galooli solutions enhance users’ capacity to manage their assets by integrating into various systems associated with their operation, maintenance, and billing.

Energy asset monitoring

Live energy asset monitor

Providing continuous service when struggling with a lack of asset visibility and seemingly hopeless energy waste is a persistent challenge for organizations. How can you improve your site’s efficiency, if you don’t know where or how your operational costs are wasted?

Live alerts on any errant activity

From your site’s performance KPIs, to malfunctions, inefficiency, or simple behavior you designate outside the norms, we provide live alerts to ensure incidents are handled promptly.

Overarching visibility for your remote energy assets

Galooli opens your eyes to how your remote sites use energy - from your generators and renewable energy sources to backup batteries, grid usage, and more, in real-time.

A historical look at your performance

We also look at site performance over time to understand how to maximize each assets’ usage, minimize downtime and wasted operational costs, while improving your sites’ efficiency.

Supporting our clients on their race to net-Zero

Maximize your sites’ energy efficiency

through the optimization, management, live analysis, and monitoring of your remote energy assets.

Reduce your carbon footprint

with maximum utilization of renewable energy and prevention of unnecessary consumption of fossil fuels.

Calculate your GHG emissions simply
and accuratel

with our new sustainability dashboard, keeping you in control over your sustainability KPIs.

Monitor and control your assets remotely

maximize equipment lifespan & minimize truck rolls for maintenance.

Get full visibility over your organization’s GHG emissions

  • The total amount of CO2e emitted,compared to your organization’s KPIs.
  • Emissions saved by solar energy usage.
  • Your sites’ carbon intensity.
  • Emission breakdown to scope 1 and scope 2. Most emitting sites.

Empowering the world’s largest companies

Thousands of businesses using our solutions, some among Fortune 500

Ready to optimize your
facilities' energy efficiency?

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"Galooli provides a critical solution for our business operations. They have directly generated significant sustainable cost savings"
Gordon Porter
Former CEO, American Tower subs
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"Since the deployment of the Galooli system,our OPEX has dropped by 45%"
Adams Nurudeen
Asset and Compliance Manager
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“Galooli, a leading force in the field of RMS, has been able to maintain an excellent standard of quality”
Piergiorgio Balbo
Head of Reserve Power Solutions