Galooli servers collectmillions of log items per day from a wide array of sources and organizations.

We at Galooli know how to sort it, process it, and most importantly – how to make it most useful for you.

Our goal is to allow Galooli users to maximize the performance of their assets, and warn them against potential problems, hazards and malfunctions of their connected units 

There are three main venues to retrieve data from Galooli systems: SDK, email and FTP.  


What is an SDK, Exactly? 

SDK stands for software development kit or devkit. 

What’s so special about Galooli’s SDK? 

Galooli’s SDK is easy to work with, fast and efficient. It allows Zon Max users to:  

  • Create the interfaces and applications they would like to have  
  • Generate dynamic reports from a variety of templates, including: 
    • Assets Reports  
    • Events Reports 
    • Summary Reports 
    • Trip Reports 
    • POI Activity Reports 
    • POI Information Reports  
  • Track report changes 
  • Add or remove fields  
  • Feed Zon Max with extra data from past and real-time events   

For more information about galooli’s SDK visit our knowledgebase (click here) 


Schedule reports via Email or FTP 

You choose when to get email notifications, which kind of data they should include, and in which format (Excel or CSV). Data can be sent directly to clients’ FTP directories.   


  • No real-time data 
  • No uniform structure for emails, which could result in version discrepancies during and following software updates. 

 For more information about schedule reports visit our knowledgebase (click here) 



We have ample data to share with our customers. We seek to encourage them to use this data smarter and more efficiently by relying on our new SDK. 

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