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What is ESG top image

What is ESG?

What is ESG? As younger generations become more and more involved in investment and high-level corporate decision-making, the majority of these choices are made with

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Radio access network RAN equipment installed on a telecom site antenna with a number of radios facing different directions

What is RAN?

What is RAN? A Radio Access Network (RAN) is a critical piece of telecom network infrastructure that connects wireless-enabled devices to other parts of a

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What is an RTU?

What is an RTU? RTU stands for Remote Terminal (or Telemetry) Unit and refers to an electronic control unit that connects to various systems for

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Power plant in the backdrop with sensors interconnected via various energy sources

What is Smart Energy?

Until recently, smart energy primarily referred to electric grid systems that incorporated IoT and analytics. However, this umbrella term has expanded, and today intelligent systems

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What is ICT?

How do we stay connected in this day and age? Much of modern communication takes place on computers of all shapes and sizes, sending and

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What is PUE?

Power usage effectiveness (PUE) is the overall efficiency of a facility’s electricity consumption. PUE uses a simple calculation to combine all of the passive and

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