Galooli GPS Tracker: Battery Theft Prevention


One of the most urgent challenges telecom operators face is battery theft by staff and non-affiliated parties. This document demonstrates the phenomenon through a case study experienced by one of Galooli’s customers in late 2020. Moreover, the paper elaborates on how Galooli’s cutting-edge technology helped the customer resolve the issue, and reduce unnecessary direct and indirect expenses. 

The Customer and its Challenges

The customer—a telecom operator providing wireless communication services—is one of Galooli’s biggest customers in Europe. In recent months, the customer has faced a series of break-ins to its telecom sites in suburban areas and the countryside. These events resulted in hundreds of stolen Lead-acid backup power batteries, severe interruptions to sites’ performance, as well as regulatory fines. CAPEX also increased due to the need to purchase and install new batteries on sites.  

Galooli’s Solution 

  • Galooli provided GPS tracking and monitoring services by integrated trackers, concealed within Lead-acid batteries provided by leading OEM.
  • Galooli Systems notified the customer in real-time about the batteries’ location, performance, and status.

Sequence of Events 

  • Thieves caused severe damage to battery cabinets.  
  • Vibration sensors monitored an abnormal event. 
  • Real-time alerts were sent to the customer by text messages (SMS) and Emails.  
  • A security team traced the exact location of the stolen batteries. 
  • A security team contacted local police authorities and reported about the batteries’ location. 
  • The local police retrieved all the batteries and captured the thieves in less than twenty-four hours.  


In the two months that preceded the current case study, the customer experienced five additional theft attempts. Galooli’s GPS-based solution foiled battery theft in all six cases. Moreover, in all these cases, the batteries were found and retrieved. At the same time, the thieves were captured by local police forces who were notified about the events in real-time. 

The customer recorded an Immediate Return on Investment (ROI) in less than two months.

OPEX savings are estimated at USD 3000 per site. Savings included, among other things:

  • substantial decrease in on-site visits for maintenance purposes,
  • Additional on-site security measures are not required,
  • Decreased downtime and regulatory fines.
  • Battery theft from telecom sites in suburban areas and the countryside   
  • Lack of real-time alerts and data
  • Difficulties in retrieving stolen batteries.
Galooli’s Solution
  • GPS trackers detect an abnormal event 
  • Trackers switch into a movement mode and send ongoing transmissions  
  • The customer is notified in real-time about batteries’ location, performance, and status
  • Prevention of direct and indirect damages 
  • Total Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Optimization of OPEX and CAPEX savings 


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