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For remote site and tower operators, one of the golden standards of reliability is system availability. In order to achieve maximum availability, an operator needs to have complete remote visibility of their remote assets to actively monitor and manage them. 

Galooli provides overarching visibility and management capabilities to our customers through our remote monitoring and management solution. A key feature of this solution is Cut-Through. Cut-Through helps clients access their remote site assets like DC Rectifiers to make configuration changes from afar. All this can be done without needing to be present, or near, the relevant site. 

The Customer and Their Challenges 

A telecom operator in a poor area with bad infrastructure was having a number of problems with monitoring and recording several critical metrics like temperature and event alarms that were not performing correctly. The culprit was discovered to be misconfigured firmware for rectifiers onsite. The traditional solution for these issues is to manually update the firmware at each site.  

However, the operator was managing hundreds sites across the territory, making such a maintenance task costly and time-consuming. In addition, the issue was time-sensitive in nature, and delaying the fix could result in irreversible damage and additional costs. Finally, due to high fuel costs locally, the individual trips to each location would make the mitigation very costly, and inefficient. 

Galooli’s Solution 

Galooli’s Cut-Through feature from our remote monitoring and management solution (RMM) addresses these types of issues exactly. It is able to fast track issue resolution due to remote configuration access, including new configurations and network-wide modification without onsite visits. The Cut-Through feature is able to remotely reset alarms, remote query devices and other assets onsite, and provide live security management regardless of the users’ location.   


Implementing our Cut-Through feature for the customer saved more than 100 days of site visits to fix the problem. Considering the high cost truck trips, these sites alone were able to save tens of thousands in saved maintenance and travel costs. 

In addition, the issue for all of the affected sites was able to be completely remedied within a few hours, preventing unnecessary downtime and allowing uninterrupted operations while the issue was dealt with. 

  • A telecom operator had many difficulties managing their sites efficiently without being onsite 
  • Several alarms and sensors were not behaving properly due to misconfiguration 
  • Operator managed hundreds of sites across the country, making maintenance and upkeep expensive 
  • High fuel costs made maintenance onsite even more costly 
  • Reconfiguring all sites manually would take at least 3 months 
Galooli’s Solution
  • Our RMM’s Cut-Through feature can fast track issue resolution by allowing for remote configuration of these assets.  
  • Cut-Through can reset alarms, remote query devices, and provide error and security management 
  • The Cut-Through feature solved the misconfiguration issues for all sites in a matter of hours 
  • Operator saved tens of thousands of dollars fixing this issue alone 
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