Top 9 Energy Asset Management Solutions for 2023

When you’re responsible for managing large-scale energy assets, it can often feel like you’ve got two equally important priorities demanding your attention:

1) You’ve got to keep everything up and running to meet demand and avoid the astronomical costs of unplanned downtime.

2) On the other hand, you want everything operating as efficiently as possible to save money and reduce harmful CO2 emissions.

The good news is that these goals don’t have to be at odds with each other. The right energy asset management solutions can give you real-time visibility into your entire system, allowing you to rule out false alarms, diagnose problems, and take corrective action without sending a technician to the site for a physical inspection.

These solutions enable you to monitor the performance of your assets and adjust your operations to ensure maximum energy efficiency. With 80% of CO2 emissions in the world today resulting from energy usage, it is imperative that energy producers use the best tools and resources to improve efficiency and reduce their impact on the climate.

Deploying energy asset management solutions is a great way to score a quick win in efforts to go green and optimize your energy efficiency. All while making it easier to monitor and control your operations.

What is energy asset management?

Energy asset management refers to monitoring, operating, and maintaining an organization’s energy assets and the facilities that house them. Energy asset management aims to ensure that these sites are operating as intended.

The success of energy asset management is typically measured in terms of performance indicators and energy costs. Troubleshooting and fixing problems are a big part of energy asset management. Performance thresholds, alerts, and remote monitoring and control systems can help ensure your assets meet standards.

What problems do energy asset management solutions solve?

Energy-producing facilities are complex systems that require a lot of attention. Energy asset management solutions make it easier for operators to generate energy as efficiently as possible at any given time and identify potential issues before they grow into bigger problems.

Environmental responsibility and sustainable energy production have become top objectives for many organizations and the communities they serve. Energy asset management solutions can be key in optimizing your sustainability and efficiency.

More than 80% of the ambitious carbon reduction goals set by initiatives like Net Zero can be met with existing technologies, but only if implemented and utilized properly. With the right solutions, you won’t miss opportunities to scale back output and shift to renewable sources.

Other significant benefits of these solutions include the following:

  • Efficiency tracking
  • Less reliance on fossil fuels
  • Reduced energy waste
  • Centralized user interfaces that simplify asset monitoring and provide valuable insights into your operations.

9 of the best energy asset management solutions for 2023

Choosing the right energy asset management solution for any given organization will depend on several considerations: asset types, demand, capacity, location, output and sustainability goals, and many other factors. We’ve curated a list of the nine best solutions available today.

1. Radian Generation

Green IT by Radian Generation is a cloud-based energy asset management solution offering performance monitoring and analytics, regulation and contract compliance tools, and a built-in ticketing system for tracking and resolving issues.

Uniting all of your facility’s data, functions, and processes in a single platform, Green IT provides a helpful Gantt chart interface for managing your operations.

Best for: On-site asset management. Green IT has lots of useful features, but its remote control capabilities are lacking.

Price: By inquiry.

2. Galooli

Galooli provides real-time remote monitoring and management with an innovative platform that can integrate seamlessly with any existing installation.

Galooli’s solution gives operators the power to detect and diagnose potential issues without an in-person site visit, control automated processes, and uncover actionable insights that can increase efficiency and prolong the life of your equipment.

With detailed visual dashboards and custom reporting options, Galooli helps you leverage the power of real-time data and machine learning to make your facility as sustainable and cost-effective as possible.

Best for: Remote monitoring and control of your energy assets. Whether you’re operating utilities, a microgrid, data centers, or any other facility that uses renewable or traditional energy sources, Galooli can provide you with constant visibility into asset performance and the ability to make necessary adjustments from afar.

Price: By inquiry.

3. Power Factors

Power Factors Drive Pro is a cloud-based platform for managing renewable energy installations.

You can use a web or mobile interface to track energy production and asset performance and use this solution’s predictive modeling capabilities to detect inefficiencies and maximize the output and durability of your equipment.

Drive Pro provides drone and robot integrations to facilitate remote monitoring and control.

Best for: Renewable-only facilities. Drive Pro does not support non-renewable assets.

Price: By inquiry.

4. PowerHub

Built specifically with the renewable energy industry in mind, PowerHub’s asset management software centralizes your data and provides automation, insights, and logistical support to help you optimize your operational processes.

PowerHub is designed to make asset management easy, even if you’re managing large and complex energy portfolios.

Best for: Green energy providers who need a simple solution that includes invoicing and analytics. If your assets include non-renewable generators, PowerHub might not be the best choice.

Price: By inquiry.

5. Bloom Energy

Microgrids are one of the biggest trends in clean energy right now, and Bloom Energy specializes in providing hardware and management solutions for reliable, sustainable microgrid installations.

The Bloom Energy Server platform uses fuel cell technology that makes it viable as a primary power source.

Best for: Organizations or communities that are looking for a microgrid solution. The Bloom Energy Server includes all the hardware you need to provide sustainable power without a grid connection.

Price: By inquiry.

6. Veolia

A global organization offering a wide range of eco-friendly energy solutions, Veolia can help you implement innovative solutions to increase energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.

Among their many resources is a customizable energy asset management system that allows you to monitor your equipment and output, detect maintenance issues, and manage your parts inventory.

Best for: Making a transformative effort to go green. While Veolia provides a robust energy asset management solution, its main focus is helping companies implement change on a broader scale.

Price: By inquiry.

7. Mainpac

Mainpac has an energy asset management solution that’s powerful but still easy to use, suitable for small businesses and large enterprises.

In addition to standard features like billing and inventory management, it includes tools for criticality assessment and maintenance strategy that can help you head off problems, lower your operational costs, and maximize your uptime.

Best for: Flexible, scalable energy asset management that can handle complex infrastructure. Mainpac offers different implementations of its solution, including a pay-as-you-go SaaS platform and a mobile version for fieldwork.

Price: By inquiry.

8. Watchwire

Watchwire’s cloud-based solution takes a data-driven approach toward energy asset management, specializing in tracking your usage and emissions data and giving you all of the analytics and reports you need to stay within your sustainability goals.

It also has auditing features to ensure the accuracy of all your ESG (environmental, social, and governance) data, as well as a visually engaging central platform that makes it easy to see what’s going on with your assets.

Best for: Utilities and other organizations that need to meet sustainability goals and work with stakeholders. Watchwire’s reporting and auditing features are designed to help you share information, and their platform gives you visibility into customer portfolios so you can collaborate on improving efficiencies.

Price: By inquiry.

9. QBI Solutions

QBi Solutions is an energy asset management system, with a focus on renewable energy. This end-to-end business platform transforms the raw data into valuable information like insights and KPIs.

The platform includes features like data-driven strategy, reporting and advanced analytics, team collaboration and more.

Best for: Those with a large team who all have to collaborate within the one system, as QBi Solutions allows a multi-role permission feature that grants access to all team members and stakeholders.

Price: By inquiry.

Manage your energy assets in the most effective way

The world depends on reliable and affordable power. Maintaining clean, efficient operations through the judicious use of energy asset management solutions is one of the best ways to keep it flowing to the end users who need it.

There are many ways to produce and distribute energy, but nearly every type of facility can benefit greatly from the visibility, security, and flexibility that comes with remote monitoring and management solutions like Galooli.

When you can monitor asset performance from anywhere globally, addressing issues proactively is much easier before they start wasting resources and driving up costs. See for yourself by signing up for a free demo and trying the Galooli platform out for free.


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