Top 8 Energy Management Solutions for 2022 and Beyond

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The facilities and sites you manage have an energy itch you can’t scratch.

You notice an unidentified problem with the energy supply at one of your telecom cell sites or data centers. Your technician can only diagnose and mitigate the issue while physically interacting with the machinery on-site after determining which error codes are present.

It could even be as simple as a false alarm, but you would have no way of knowing beforehand. Worse, you could have outages at multiple sites, which means using numerous technicians, or resolving issues on a site-by-site basis. 

Why not monitor and manage all of this remotely? Energy management solutions can provide a remote answer to these pain points and make the process much more efficient and cost-effective. 

Before diving into the top energy management solutions available today, let’s first take a deeper look at the importance of managing these energy assets remotely and digitally.

Benefits to managing energy assets through digitalization:

Energy asset management (EAM) is traditionally a very binary process requiring a great deal of time, travel, human resources, and in short – operational costs. To effectively manage your remote sites’ and facilities’ energy use and performance, you need a solution that can provide overarching visibility and transparency into your operations. 

By actively monitoring these energy assets, you can effectively manage them and detect performance inconsistencies. These become potential areas for optimization and an overall reduction in operating costs.

This also comes into play in terms of problem mitigation and predictive maintenance. By tracking the performance of energy assets in real-time, you can establish thresholds and be alerted whenever these boundaries are crossed. This can include unnecessary asset use, improper voltage, fuel waste, or even theft.

In this way, your technicians can diagnose and mitigate issues remotely and in the case of misconfigurations or firmware updates, perform batch changes from a centralized interface. This eliminates the need for periodic site visits while reducing the need for technicians to be onsite to diagnose and mitigate issues.

Here are eight solutions for energy asset management:

1. Mainpac

MainPac is an infrastructure-focused asset management solution that provides energy management tools and solutions for utility companies. Established in 1984, they focus on the operations of sites like power plants to help detect future maintenance issues and improve costs and asset availability.

One customer summed up their experience that “[It] gives you the best value for your time, no time is wasted.”


  • Android and iPhone compatible apps
  • It helps keep operations organized and billing accurate
  • Easy to navigate interface


  • Relatively expensive compared to other options
  • Sporadic logouts, when inactive, cause lost progress

Price: Starts at $9000/month

2. Galooli

Galooli is a leading innovator in remote energy monitoring and management. We provide a comprehensive, agnostic remote energy asset management platform for ICT entities and Industrial facilities, focused on maximizing energy efficiency while minimizing operation costs and carbon emissions.

Galooli provides live monitoring of energy assets and their KPIs, discovering actionable insights to help stakeholders optimize their remote site operations. Our RMM platform offers a complete view of your entire site network and prioritizes optimizations for the most costly and inefficient sites and assets.

Our solution automates many tasks usually relegated to onsite visits and maintenance, including remote controls for onsite assets and batch firmware and software syncs. This saves on maintenance costs, and speeds up the remediation and update time from days, weeks, or months to just hours.


  • The agnostic platform integrates with existing hardware or directly through the cloud
  • Detailed visual dashboards focused on singular assets and performance overviews
  • Self-optimized and automated with actionable insights based on machine learning AI
  • Monitors assets remotely, providing live alerts to glitches or events outside thresholds
  • Periodic customized reports and historical and live data-based actionable insights

Price: Upon Request

3. Powerhub

Powerhub offers a renewable energy-focused energy management solution focused on helping optimize renewable projects around the world. They provide insights into renewable operations and projects and help organize the logistics aspect of running renewable energy installations.


  • Performance data centralized on one platform
  • Automate repetitive business processes to save time


  • Limited to renewable energy sources and projects

Price: Upon request

4. Veolia

Veolia is a multinational organization working multiple vectors all towards a single goal – continual and sustainable living for humans. One of their solutions is an EAM which is focused on detecting maintenance issues before they become a problem and managing relevant part inventory. 


  • The solution can be tailor-fit to an organization’s needs
  • Range of tools for monitoring and managing energy assets and usage


  • Massive company provides a wide range of services, energy asset management being a small part of that

Price: Upon Request

5. PowerFactors Drive

Power Factor Drive Pro is a comprehensive web and mobile platform for managing and optimizing solar energy installations of all sizes and configurations. They track energy production and equipment performance to detect inefficiencies and maximize output and durability.

One user, in particular, appreciated that the “data shown in the mobile app matches the website perfectly.”


  • Cloud-based platform specializing in renewable energy optimization
  • The mobile app provides similar and accurate information to the web platform
  • Aids in automating and streamlining work orders and contract compliance


  • Focused only on energy production
  • No support for non-renewable sources

Price: Upon request

6. Radian Generator

RadianGen’s GreenIT is a cloud-based EAM that maximizes project compliance and enables experts to maintain best practices. They also provide performance-based analytics for remote energy assets and KPI monitoring based on location and operations reports.


  • Built-in ticket tracking and resolution feature
  • Seamless regulatory and contract compliance tool
  • Historical and live KPI tracking


  • Lack of remote controls to mitigate detected issues from afar
  • Unable to display the entire network of sites graphically

Price: Upon Request

7. Watchwire

Watchwire is a cloud-based energy and sustainability EAM solution specializing in utilities. They provide monitoring and KPI tracking for energy assets and carbon footprint, with periodic reports ready to send to stakeholders. They also monitor energy supply and risk factors for potential outages or malfunctions and provide the information on a centralized, visual platform.

One client specifically appreciated that “The tool is extremely intuitive to use and well organized, but doesn’t skimp on advanced functionality.”


  • Track sustainability footprint and track meeting ESG targets
  • Track energy performance and supply compared to expectations
  • Excel-ready reports with engaging visuals


  • Lacks a tracking number of important KPIs for some energy clients
  • Aggregating data from multiple sites is tedious

Price: Upon Request

8. PredictEnergy

PredictEnergy is an energy analytics platform designed to dive into your organizations’ energy usage and costs. It can help determine how much energy you use, where, and when it’s used, along with how much you’re paying. It also helps manage these against an organization’s unique energy KPIs and helps track performance against these thresholds.


  • Energy use KPI tracking and threshold creation
  • Breakdown energy use timing and location


  • Requires physical equipment, either existing or proprietary, to run properly
  • Equipment needed can be an expensive overhead cost

Price: Upon Request

Choosing an energy management solution for your needs

Not all EAM solutions are created equal, nor do they necessarily focus on the exact same pain points. Depending on the number of sites you have, the type of energy assets, and your organizations’ goals, some solutions will be more relevant than others.

For this reason, it is paramount that you take the time to take an in-depth look into your company’s unique targets and needs and how a certain EAM answers those requirements. This also includes asset compatibility, your unique KPIs, and if you are looking to add new hardware or just integrate into something already installed.

Galooli’s agnostic EAM can provide live remote monitoring and management of your sites and assets, giving you complete visibility, and control, over your infrastructure and energy use.

Ready to optimize your
facilities’ energy efficiency?

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