How to Make Your Battery Smarter

Battery OEMs

Despite their small size, batteries are vital to your site operation. With the aid of a battery tracker, you can ensure that your batteries will be safe and have one less problem to worry about. Our AI-based smart solution ensures a prolonged battery lifespan and can save your business a lot of money.

Batteries are often an asset’s most sensitive component. While at the same time highly valuable in terms of effective operations. Used for a site’s backup system, batteries are relatively small and easy to steal. If not used correctly they can be broken, potentially rendering them inoperable.

Why choose Galooli’s Battery Tracker solution?

Our device is completely concealed inside the battery. Thieves inside or outside the organization have no knowledge of the device and are unable to remove it from the battery.

The device operates with minimal energy consumption. Most tracking systems draw excessive energy from the batteries and may cause the battery to drain during emergency situations. Our unit draws minimal energy from the battery and ensures its function during the theft until the battery is tracked.

We also offer real-time alerts – response time is the most important feature of a battery tracker. The moment batteries are stolen, our system sends alerts to the customer by email or SMS. Our GPS unit tracks the batteries and leads to the exact location, so the batteries can be returned home safely.

Furthermore, our monitoring system uses an accessible human language interface – our system is easy to use and understand and can be used in different mobile devices.

The monitoring system can link to an unlimited number of tracker units that allows our customers to control huge amounts of batteries in one platform.

Finally, installation is easy with no special infrastructure or equipment required in the client’s facility, along with pre-configured units that save time and simplifies the installation process.

Battery protection can increase battery productivity and extend its lifespan

Based on a battery’s measured parameters, our solution provides the customer with the optimal way to protect the batteries. Our system maximizes the customer’s control and ability to protect batteries remotely. The main parameter alerts are:

  • Over-current
  • Over/Under-voltage
  • Over/ Under-temperature
  • Ground fault or leakage of current detection
  • Deep charge alert
  • Maximum charge current limit (CCL)
  • Maximum discharge current limit (DCL)

Fast reaction to those alerts and even the ability to predict them can extend a battery’s lifespan and prevent it from reaching an undesirable extreme point. 

AI for batteries

Our solution focuses on the maximum utilization of data collected from the batteries. With the data and our smart algorithms, we can provide our customers with smart analytics.

Our battery tracker solution monetizes data for our customers, enabling operational prediction and actionable recommendations that eventually lead to real OPEX saving and efficient business conduct.