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How a Telecom Site Provider Saves Up to $2M Annually

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For years, Galooli has been providing telecom sites with the necessary assistance to maximize their savings and efficiency. This allows telecom sites to place their focus on providing smooth experiences with uninterrupted networks.

Check out an instance where a significant sum of OPEX is saved with the help of GalooliPower’s RMS solutions.

Case study: sites running on fuel generators instead of solar power

Company’s background:

  • Manage 5000 telecom sites
  • Out of the 5000 sites, 259 sites are powered by solar energy

The Problem:

The challenge is to fully utilize the implementation of alternative Power Savings solutions such as Solar Power.

The Solution:

GalooliPower empowers telecom site provider with the right tool – a straightforward BI dashboard – to manage real-time power usage remotely.

The Result:

This case study reflects a trend between fuel usage and OPEX Lost. A higher reliance on fuel equates a higher monetary loss, and vice versa.

At one glance, we can see that a total of $38,153 OPEX has been lost within a period of 7 days. Concurrently, the dashboard features the top 10 highest OPEX Lost sites, highlighting the main issue that resulted in this loss. From here, we can conclude that the OPEX lost is due to solar sites working almost entirely on diesel generators (DGs) alone instead of the best-case scenario where sites are powered by a combination of batteries and solar energy.

Telecom sites has been adopting the use of solar to power their sites with the aim to reduce OPEX loss. However, it is evident that these sites are still heavily dependent on DGs. This reflects a need for a better telecom site management on the division of load between the power sources, in order to maximise the use of solar power.

The above trend was promptly identified with the aid of GalooliPower’s BI dashboard, catering an opportunity for corrective actions to be taken immediately, converting further losses into huge savings. Without this RMS system in place, planning for maximum efficiency becomes a challenge as sites are unable to visualise the big picture.

$38,153 x 52 weeks = 1,983,956

(1 year ~ 52 weeks)

By implementing Galooli’s RMS solutions, telecom sites could potentially save up to $1,983,956 annually.

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